Introducing PerfectSSL

Posted on 24 May 2024

We’re happy to announce the launch of PerfectSSL, our very own white-labeled SSL brand, certified and backed by the robust infrastructure of DigiCert. PerfectSSL is designed to provide you with a cost-effective solution for your customers’ web security needs.

Realtime Register has long been a provider of SSL certificates, partnered with multiple renowned certificate authorities to ensure the highest level of security for websites and online transactions. With the recent price adjustments by Sectigo, we understand the importance of maintaining affordability without compromising on quality.

In light of this, we’ve leveraged our longstanding relationship with DigiCert to bring …

Introducing affordable Premium DNS

Posted on 8 May 2023

Today we officially launched our Premium DNS service that is designed to elevate the performance, accessibility, and security of your customers' websites. Our cutting-edge solutions utilize Anycast routing methodology with over 40 locations worldwide, and network addressing, where a single destination IP address is shared by multiple servers (PoPorNodes).

With our Premium DNS service, you can ensure that websites remain online even if a DNS server or zone experiences downtime. Our service enhances TTFB (time to first byte) by connecting visitors to the nearest name server location on our network, resulting in lightning-fast response times. Additionally, our solutions …

Introducing promotional domain bundling!

Posted on 20 April 2023

We are excited to announce our latest feature - Domain Bundling! You can now easily offer free bundled domains to your customers, providing added value and a unique offering.
For every existing domain in your portfolio, as well as any newly registered domains or transfers, you can easily register the equivalent in a promotional extension for free. This means you can offer your customers multiple domains at no extra cost for the first year, with no limit on the number of bundles.

Some of the benefits of domain bundling:

  • Increase sales: Offer popular domain extensions as part of a …

Auto-lock domains & Hide optional terms!

Posted on 7 September 2022

We have added an option to automatically lock domains created or transferred in with the setting "Auto-add ClientTransferProhibited"

You can enable this in your account details.


Next to that, you can now choose to "hide optional terms" in the contact validation emails sent to your customers. By default all available registry terms are presented. By enabling hide optional terms, only the specific terms for the requested TLD will be shown in the email sent after the create/transfer.

You can enable this in your brand details.

Domains over to the new interface

Posted on 25 July 2022

    It is finally time to release the last updated section of our portal. This consists of the biggest and most complex component of the interface, the domains section, together with an updated menu and completely rebuilt search functionality.We will briefly touch upon several improvements and later, in our upcoming newsletter, we will go more in-depth on the full range of improvements. Many of these will save you a lot of time and altogether allow for much more intuitive use compared to the old interface.

    • Menu – The menu is now more logical and user-friendly allowing you to navigate through the …

    Branding interface update

    Posted on 14 June 2021

      Our branding page is also updated to the new interface which you can find here. We have simplified the branding page that you now can edit and preview your changes in-line.

      If you want to set up your branding, please also take a look at our branding documentation page here.

      Contacts and TLD Metadata interface update

      Posted on 31 May 2021

        After extensive work, we have updated the Contacts & TLD Metadata segments to the new interface that you’ve already gotten familiar with in other segments in the Domain Manager.

        Along with the more modern look, we’ve focused on several improvements for your convenience. To list some highlights:

        • Performance; the new interface is optimized for much larger volumes of contacts, so the speed with which you find what you’re looking for and finish the task at hand will be much improved.
        • History timeline; you’ll find this completely new addition extremely helpful in tracking down what happened in the past for each …

        Bulk updates improvements

        Posted on 31 May 2021

          For our bulk jobs, we have revamped the old one and a made new one! The new one has much more possibilities and a new interface. 

          • Refining of bulk updates, progress is being stored locally. This ensures that no updates are lost if you close your browser and you have the option to resume your bulk jobs.
          • Added the option that you can map your header fields to the required fields that are necessary. 
          • New overview page where you can see details about your bulk job, new tasks, failed tasks, completed tasks. 
          • Possibility to edit the CSV inline instead of …

          Realtime Register Insights is now available

          Posted on 28 May 2021

            Realtime Register always aims to add value for you and make a difference as a registrar! The past year we have been working hard to introduce a new service called Realtime Register Insights.

            Realtime Register Insights provides you visible data about your domain portfolio. Now, at introduction, you will find useful dashboards on the content of your Domain Portfolio and your company’s Domain Abuse statistics.

            Introducing API keys

            Posted on 10 March 2020

              We are pleased to introduce API keys as a new authentication method for the Realtime Register API and IsProxy. By using API keys you don’t need to store any account passwords in your applications anymore. Users with the required permission can manage their own API keys in the renewed profile/account section in the Domain Manager.

              To manage API keys you need the permissions MANAGE_API_KEY. If you have tweaked your permission setup you might need to assign this permission to the users that require API access.

              Multiple API keys can be created per user so you can assign each application their …


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