Key features of Plesk

Plesk is the leading WebOps hosting platform used by small and large hosters, service providers and IT companies to run, automate and grow their applications, websites and hosting business.

Running on 430,000 servers, automating over 12 million websites, 1 million WordPress blogs, and 16.5 million mail boxes, Plesk can scale from 1 website to 100s or 1000s across multiple Linux or Windows servers, on-premise hardware, shared hosting, VPS, and for hyperscaler cloud platforms, such as Azure or AWS.

Plesk is available in 32+ languages across 140 countries, with 100+ extensions and a WordPress tool to install, manage, update and secure all WordPress sites.

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Opportunities for your business

Whether you are a hoster, IT admin, or developer, infrastructure management is getting increasingly complex. Increased cyber security threats and data protection laws and regulations mean you need to keep your servers secure and up to date. Increased competition means you need to keep your support and maintenance cost low.

With Plesk and Realtime Register you can simplify your WebOps and securily grow your hosting business. Become our partner and use the industry leading platform for domain management, and buy licenses for the leading WebOps hosting platform. Use Plesk to automate your hosting business and offer value-added services such as 2,000 TLDs from 100+ registries and over 40 different SSL certificates from five certificate Authorities.

Competitive pricing

Already using Plesk and buying Plesk licenses from a different distributor? We can offer you competitve pricing on Plesk licenses! Contact us to receive a price quote.

Always 25% or more discount on Plesk licenses.

Benefits for our partners

Using Plesk saves you time with automation on administration and management, lessens your support load and helps your business save cost. The all-in-one hosting control panel has many benefits, including:

  • Simplify your WebOps
  • Lower support cost
  • Increase margins
  • Combine with Domains & SSL
  • Competitive pricing

And for your customers

Offer your customers, shared hosting, VPS, email, WordPress through the WordPress toolkit, or use extensions to offer Joomla!, Drupal and more. Your customers will enjoy many benefits from Plesk, including:

  • Robust security
  • Quick WordPress installs
  • Self support options
  • User-friendly interface
  • Less downtime

Plesk Obsidian

The powerful management platform built for developers – by developers.

Streamline any Web Project Lifecycle with Plesk Obsidian and benefit from heightened user experience, new security and monitoring tools, plus an optimized WebStack.

  • Improves usability
  • Increases productivity
  • Toughens default security

Want to learn more about Plesk Obsidian? Contact us and try it out today!


Make Plesk even better with Extensions!

Get yourself extra tools, features and services to enhance the way you work, or offer more services to your customers. A Plesk extension, as the name suggests, is a third-party software that adds new functionality to Plesk. There are more than 100 Extensions to choose from.

Want to learn more about Plesk Extensions? Check out the Plesk Extensions webpage or contact us today! tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.