Key benefits

The portal is a fully self-explanatory web interface that makes managing large number of domains, SSL certificates, and licenses easy and efficient. Get the best protection for your customers’ valuable domains and their data; use our rules and rights system to set and limit access where necessary. Turn mandatory emails into branded company emails with the possibility to add extra information, such as promotions. And robust reporting and notification tools give access to all the information you need, when you need it.

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  • Most advanced portal on the market
  • Manage individual domains, subsets, or your complete portfolio in bulk
  • The portal supports manual operations but can also be used to automate processes
  • Manage multiple users, roles, and rights
  • Stay informed about ongoing processes, get important information and alerts pushed to you
  • Reduce the risk of running out of funds and get notifications by setting watermarks
  • Extensive metadata; access over 50 categories of TLD metadata for 2,000+ TLDs straight from the registries and always up to date
  • Includes full management suite for SSL certificates and other domain add-ons
  • New – Insights dashboard for portfolio overview
  • New – Insights dashboard for abuse monitoring & mitigation

Realtime Register portal: web interface with many automated processes.

Managing your portfolio

Manage individual domain names, subsets or your complete portfolio in bulk. The portal supports manual operations but can also be used to automate processes.

Registration profiles

Create profiles with standard setting for contact details, preferred FOA contact, nameserver configuration and DNSSEC, and use them over and over for new registrations.


Register in real-time and quickly edit all necessary information for registrations, or create subsets of registrations with unique settings.

Domain overview

Get a quick overview of your portfolio and easily find and manage individual or multiple domains.

Set status

Create exceptions for specific domain names. Stop these from resolving, deleting, updating, renewing and / or transferring out.

Requested & transfers

Get an overview of all requested domains that have not yet been registered or transferred and take action where necessary.

Initiate transfers

Quickly transfer in existing domains registrered with different registrars. One by one, or all at once in bulk.

Auth codes

View, change or (re)generate AUTH-codes needed for transferring out domain names.

Renewals due

Don’t miss renewals with an overview of renewals due within the next 5, 10, 30 or 100 days.

Renewal & renew cycle

Eliminate human error by setting autorenewal and renewal periods, or manage financial risks by turning off autorenewal for expensive domains.

Emergency reservations

Significantly lower risk of not (automatically) renewing domain names by setting up an emergency fund that allows a temporary negative balance.

Bulk options

Save time by adding a list of domain names ready for creation, renew, update or deletion for bulk processing in a single request.

Managing users, roles and rights

Set up multiple users with different roles. For instance, create an administrator user with full permissions, a finance user with access to deposits, invoices and balances, or a trainee user with read only permissions.


Reduce user maintenance by combining authorizations into user roles and assign roles to groups of users.


Add, change or remove rights for users. Choose from 45 permission options in 10 categories such as finance, domains and notifications.


Create as many user accounts as necessary for all employees, or even contacts outside of your organization.

Get the insights you need, when you need them

Stay informed about ongoing processes, get important information and alerts pushed to you. Avoid problems and deal with situations before they impact your business.


Reduce the risk of running out of funds by setting watermarks for currency deposits, and get notified when a watermark is hit.

Finance, invoices, transactions

Get a grip on what is spent, when, and on what. View, filter, and export data on deposits, prices, transactions, invoices and balances.

Easy to use interface

Gain a quick overview of all important account details and easy access to important functionality and support options.

Notification schedules

Set schedules for notifications to be sent when certain events happen and choose from daily, weekly or monthly reports for all other events.

Notification rules

Choose the preferred delivery method and determine which users or user roles get which notifications and reports.

Notifications events

Choose from over 30 different events, including updated contact information, failed autorenewals, deposits made and domains created.

GDPR matrix

Insight into jurisdiction and WHOIS exposure, direct links to terms of service and privacy policies and up to date GDPR advise per TLD.

TLD metadata

Access over 50 categories worth of TLD metadata for 2,000+ TLDs, straight from the registries and always up to date.

Setting up branding and customer communications

Customize white-labeled templates for email using HTML, CSS and images. 

Multiple brands

Set up communications for multiple brands or use country, language and / or market specific communications.

Extra information

Add additional information in any language. Or turn mandatory emails into up-sell opportunities by adding relevant promotions.


Turn white-labeled mandatory communications into branded interactions with your customers. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.