Key benefits

Licensing our state-of-the-art Domain Management Platform gives you the advantage of running your own registrar business (including ICANN accreditations) without worrying about developing and maintaining your own platform. We take care of all (technical) regulations to ensure you stay compliant with ICANN and all registries such as WDRP, ERRP, and Registrant Verification.

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Opportunities for your business

Are you an ICANN accredited registrar and have you been using and maintaining your own accredited domain platform for many years? With all the new ICANN requirements, additional TLDs, keeping up with GDPR privacy laws and many more challenges, you are probably on the crossroad of rebuilding your platform or finding another solution. Stop looking!

Leverage our platform to power your business.

Fully ICANN compliant, all TLDs

  • Leverage our platform to power your business
  • No legacy, fully up-to-date, (ICANN) compliant, scalable and fast
  • More than 20 years of industry experience to support your business
  • Offer 150+ accreditations, 2,000+ TLDs
  • Escrow service available
  • Grow your registrations up to 15% with ADAC Domain Suggestions™
    (Domain suggestion tool incl. TLD management)
  • Improve your ARPU and lower your churn with add-ons your customers will love
  • No need to worry about registry and ICANN integrations, policies and procedures
  • You want more direct accreditations? We can help you through our accreditation services
  • Take advantage of all other benefits our platform offers

License our platform to power your registrar business!

Features that save time and cost

Cutting edge platform / Java EE

Our platform was recently developed, based on 20 years + of experience. Since then, we have never stopped adding new features. That makes our platform the most up-to-date in the market.

Fully ICANN compliant

We take care of all (technical) regulations to ensure you stay compliant with ICANN and all registries (such as WDRP, ERRP and Registrant Verification), so you can focus on selling more domains.

Best domain API in the market (others say...)

Both test and production environments include API tryout functionality, so you can view actual responses to each query. Extensive metadata and interactive API documentation available.

Branded communications

Configure your personal communication setup to send branded emails from your custom domain. Now your customers will know who sent them the mandatory ICANN emails resulting in less support and churn.

Full TLD support, 1 uniform registration process

150+accreditations and 2,000+ TLDs. Not only support for all gTLDs/new gTLDs but also for all ccTLDs. So, with just 1 API connection, you can offer the widest range of TLDs available.

Multiple labels/brands support

Is your company using multiple labels for different markets? No problem, we support multiple brands! Take advantage of combining the volumes and marketing the brands separately.

Proxy Service

Both Privacy Protect and Proxy Service is fully supported. It is up to you if you want to provide this service free of charge or add a premium to the domain registration and grow your margins.

Large local presence coverage

For certain TLDs there is the extra requirement that the administrator of the domain lives in the country of the respective ccTLD. We offer local presence in over 30 countries.

Realtime Register® Abuse Monitoring

Sophisticated abuse monitoring system that uses over 100 abuse feeds to check your domain registrations on abuse. Abuse dashboard and alerts for fast abuse mitigation.

Realtime Register® Insights (BI)

Extensive dashboard with domain performance, benchmarking, operational checks and domain usage reports. Providing you with the information and tools to grow your business.

ADAC Domain Suggestions™

Domain availability checker with domain suggestion tool that increases registrations up to 15%. Multiple language support, multiple instances, TLD management, and superfast and easy integration in your shop.

Excellent Support

Enjoy the excellent support of our domain experts with more than 20 years’ experience. We help you from integration, to migration, and to grow your business further. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.