Registered Name Holders Service Handling Process Policy

Realtime Register operates as a wholesale registrar, providing registration services through selected resellers and sub resellers. For updates on domains or your contact details, you will need to contact your domain hosting provider directly.

Complaints about your reseller or provider

Complaints about your reseller or provider, you can issue at the complaint form.

Received complaints will be evaluated by Realtime Register. You will receive a confirmation of receipt. The complaint will be forwarded to the provider of your domains(s). If the complaint is justified, we will instruct the provider to comply with the ICANN and registries regulations. In case the complaint is not justified, not relevant or not within our competence, we will send a rejection and, or a referral to the competent parties for this particular matter.

Additional information for registered domain name holders

The registered domain name holders rights and responsibilities are defined by the ICANN and are listed at their Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities page.

More details about the role of the registrar, domain names and domain renew are available at the ICANN Registrant Educational Materials page.

The Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement are also listed on the ICANN site.

Security & Abuse Policy

As one of the largest European domain name registrars, Realtime Register is dedicated to improve the security of the Internet. We seriously examine reports of abuse; we act conscientiously and take bad actors offline. Protecting the interests of the internet community is a job that we take very seriously.


We have a zero tolerance spam policy. Please use the spam complaint form to report issues regarding spam. Your report will be evaluated for its merit and acted on where appropriate. We reserve the right to use your notice to substantiate our measures.

Unless additional information is required by us, we will not update you about the outcome of your complaint.

Auto-renewal and deletion policy

Upon reaching the expiry date, domains are automatically renewed, provided the Realtime Register customer, whether acting in its capacity as reseller or not, has sufficient funds in its account for renewal. Or, unless the Realtime Register customer, whether acting in its capacity as reseller or not, has set the auto renew setting to false.

Registered domain name holders should check the policy of their respective domain name (and hosting) provider.

Registry Registrant & Registration Policies

Registries with additional conditions and or information for registered domain name holders of their TLD’s are listed below.

Nominet For .UK Registrations

Realtime Register acts as a wholesale registrar. The individual reseller provides support to the domain name holder. Each reseller has its own policy regarding communication to their customers. In general, you can expect a reply from our reseller within one business day. Please check the resellers (your domain name supplier) website for details. 
If you do not know the contact details of your domain name supplier, please get in touch with us for the contact details. Make sure you mention your domain name in the text input box.

Your domain name supplier will acknowledge your message or complaint within 3 working days of receipt. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.