Key benefits

Our ISproxy service provides lightning-fast availability results for more than 2,000 TLDs. It starts showing results the moment you type the first letter and supports parallel requests. Integrating it with your business is easy and it easily outperforms all the standard provided availability engines. Premium domains are supported and you can upgrade to our Advanced Domain Availability Checker (ADAC) including domain suggestions at any time. The ISproxy is free to use for every reseller that partnered with us.

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Faster availability results for better conversions.

Opportunities for your business

Lightning-fast availability checks

  • Easy integration with our PHP-SDK
  • Faster availability results generate more registrations
  • Start offering more than 2,000 TLDs
  • Start offering availability and selling of premium domains
  • Continuously updated when new TLDs arrive
  • Easy upgrade to ADAC / Advanced Domain Availability Checker including domain suggestions for more registrations

How to integrate our ISproxy with your business

The ISproxy interface offers the most efficient way to check domain name validity and availability. It reduces overhead by using a telnet based protocol that allows multiple checks to be made in parallel. The interface can be used most effectively by reusing existing sessions as much as possible. This will lower the overhead on session creation and authentication.

Example session
>>> LOGIN apikey
<<< 100 Login ok
>>> IS
<<< not available
>>> IS
>>> IS
>>> IS
<<< available
<<< not available
<<< not available
>>> IS
<<< invalid domain
>>> QUIT

If you want to use ISproxy via the API, please take a look at the IsProxy documentation.

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