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Key benefits

With thousands of new TLDs released over the last few years and many more still to come, finding an efficient way to offer them to your customers can be a troublesome task. Use our domain suggestion platform to easily add, categorize, and promote TLD sets in your web shop. Offer even more relevant domain name search results and boost registrations by using our integrated set of suggestion tools!

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Opportunities for your business

Domain suggestions that make sense!

  • Grow your number of registrations with up to 15%
  • Help your customers find the best domain names for their purpose
  • Enjoy the fast time to market for this domain suggestions tool. Just click and drag your preferences and export the installation code to place it into your website
  • Show alternative and variations of checked domains and sell more domains
  • Use the ultrafast availability checker with instant results as you type. It will grow your registrations
  • Save time and money with the TLD control panel, managing what TLDs to offer and ranking them in your shop
  • Define different sets of TLDs and ranking for different brands or shops
  • Use the prefixes and suffixes that work best for your business
  • Make domain suggestions for 2000+ TLDs
  • Define the number of suggestions that convert best in your shop

Domain Suggestions that make sense!

In many cases, other domain engines come up with suggestions that are pretty much useless. Because ADAC is fully customizable and you can choose the engine that suits your business best, the suggestions are evaluated as very valuable.

ADAC integrates with multiple suggestion tools and databases.

The features of ADAC

This truly is the most advanced domain availability checker on the market today. It combines the USPs from other (registry) solutions into one integrated tool and adding much more. Check out these awesome features that can help your customers while you grow your business.

Multiple instances for multiple brands

Create and configure multiple instances, run different domain name checkers on different locations.

Integrates with everything

Easy installation means ADAC can be installed into any website, CMS, landing page or back-end.

Easy installation

An easy to use back-end makes configuration a breeze. Installation is easy, simply export the installation code and paste it into your website.

Multiple suggestion tools

ADAC integrates with multiple suggestion tools and databases, and has smart technology to show only the most relevant suggestions to your customers.

Instant results

The domain name checker has instant results, meaning your customers instantly sees a domain name’s availability as soon as he starts typing.

Full TLD support

ADAC supports all TLDs, including the new gTLDs. You decide how many extensions ADAC checks: just one, a specific category, or all 2,000+ TLDs.

Smart and easy configuration

You choose which TLDs to sell, in what order to show them, which suggestion engine to use, which TLDs to suggest, how many suggestions, in which language and for which shop/label. Smart and easy.

12 languages to choose from

ADAC offers domain suggestions in 12 languages. You can configure multiple instances for different labels / shops / languages. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.