Key benefits

Would you like to have all your domains in one place and benefit from the high quality, high service and low prices we offer? Stop worrying about the impact on your business when transferring or migrating large numbers of domains. There’s no need to spend valuable time figuring out the different policies and procedures registries have in place for domain transfers. Our Domain Transfer Service is specifically designed to effortlessly transfer in large quantities of domain names. Contact us for more details.

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All your domains in one place. Dream or reality?

Why transfer to Realtime Register

We have successfully run many migration projects, both small and large, with hundreds of thousands of domains at multiple registries. With the Domain Transfer Service, a team of skilled professionals with over 20 years’ experience working with registries, creates a structured plan and schedules for transfers based on your specific needs. A large part of this process is automated through the Realtime Register platform, ensuring both fast results and minimizing time spent.

Domain Transfer Service

  • All your domains in one place. Save time, mistakes and money
  • Use the world’s best platform for domain management
  • Take advantage of more than 20 years of domain experience
  • Registry bulk migrations where available and recommended
  • Fully automated transfer robot available for many registrars
  • You remain the only point of contact for your customers. We help you to inform your customers and provide automated tools to do so
  • Migrations aligned with your support availability at any time
  • Up-to-date insights about moving dates and progress of the transfers


The Realtime Register Domain Transfer Service is an automated transfer scheduler, designed to transfer in substantial numbers of domain names effortlessly. We’ll do the heavy lifting - all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the move!

Skilled profession support

20 years+ of experience, ICANN accredited and 150+ registry accreditations. We know all the policies, we understand all the procedures. Let us support your business with that knowledge and experience.

Cost and registration period overlap prevention

Reduce user maintenance by combining authorizations into user roles and assign roles to groups of users.

Transfer in schedules

You decide what gets transferred when. We help you figure out the best schedules to meet your needs, based on your domain portfolio and the registries involved.

Complete overview

Once started the Domain Transfer Service dashboard gives you a complete overview of all domain transfers started, in-progress, blocked and succeeded.

Hostile registrar consultation

We have dealt with hostile registrars refusing to release domains. We’ll help you handle the situation and solve any problems that might occur.

Automatic authentication code management

Automatically import auth-codes from most well-known registrars, or bulk upload auth-codes to start the automated transfer in process. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.