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Whether you already maintain a large domain portfolio, or are currently building one, partnering with Realtime Register means you get everything you need to focus on growing your portfolio and increasing your margins. We offer 2,000+ TLDs from over 150 registries, and are constantly adding new ones. We take care of registry updates and all policies and procedures.

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The world’s best domain management platform will save you time, money and a lot of headaches. Use the extensive web portal, our state-of-the-art REST API or one of the great plugins for hosting/billing platforms like WHMCS and Hostbill. You will experience the high quality of the platform and our services.

2,000+ TLDs on 1 platform
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A complete set of features for managing your domains

Free DNS management

Usage of our name servers is included, as well as DNS templates to easily change records (A, MX, CNAME, AAAA, NS, HINFO and TXT) for multiple domain names in just one request.

Free domain forwarding

Our domain forwarding (URL redirect) allows you to forward your domain to any other domain or social media platform of your choice. You are able to set a 301 redirect for the full domain or any subdomain.

Real-time registrations

All requests are pushed immediately to the registry and handled in real-time, with world’s fastest response times using our REST API.

Uniform registrations

Identical registration processes for all domains. We integrated various business rules and procedures from registries into a uniform processes for our resellers.

IDN support

With well over half of all internet-users worldwide using a non-Latin alphabet, you can be sure we fully support internationalized domain names.

Child host support

Easily set up and manage Child Name Servers under your domain name.

IPV6 support

It’s your choice. Set-up nameservers for domains using an A Name (IPv4-only host), an AAAA Name (IPv6-only host), or both.

Premium domains

Offer your customers premium domains with short, highly notable or desirable words and provide a strong and memorable online address.


Decrease security risks such as cache poisoning, pharming, and man-in-the-middle attacks by using DNSSEC for supported TLDs.

Grace period support

We offer full grace period support, though certain conditions do apply. Contact us for more details!

Free Whois Privacy Protect

Realtime Register Privacy Protect removes the exposed registrant information and replaces it with a default data set related to the domain name. Our proxy service also ensures that your WHOIS data is not sent to registries.

Brandable ICANN email templates

Setup your branding as you wish by styling the email templates in HTML to reflect your corporate identity. The email templates are also offered in different languages you can choose from.

We are an independent wholesale registrar, selling exclusively through the indirect channel.

Our exclusive promotions

Gain a competitive edge with these domains specials!

Promotions for all

At Realtime Register, we always make good deals with the registries. That way, we always have exclusive price promotions for our resellers, without requirements. Simply get your account and enjoy the benefits.

Regular promotions
$ 34.99 $ 2.99

Special promotions

Some registries place extra requirements on their best deals. In return you benefit from even better prices for selected TLDs

Special promotions
$ 15.59 $ 1.99

There's much more business to do, and margin to be made with these extras.


Offer your customers privacy by default and ensure GDPR compliance by using the GDPR Privacy Protect Service.

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SSL certificates are a must have for all domains used. Start offering SSL certificates to show trust and provide security.

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ADAC Domain Suggestions™

Grow your number of registrations with up to 15% by offering your customers domain suggestions that make sense.

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