Key benefits

Improve performance, accessibility and security with our premium DNS solutions. The solutions we offer use anycast routing methodology and network addressing, where a single destination IP address is shared by servers (PoP or nodes).

With our Premium DNS service, your websites stays online when a DNS server or zone goes down. Our service helps improve TTFB (time to first byte) when visitors find records on our network by connecting them to the nearest name server location, ensuring a fast response. Both solutions have built-in DDoS protection, ensuring that your DNS zones are always protected.

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Ensure uptime to all your users, worldwide!

Increased speed
The first part of a request to a website is usually a DNS lookup. If the DNS server is not close to the customer, It will result in a slow lookup and an even slower webpage.

100% Uptime guarantee
With our built-in smart routing and anycast capabilities, your DNS zone is always online. If there is an outage in one region, we automatically failover requests to the nearest DNS server.

Smart routing

Customized network and computing hardware within each Point of Presence (PoP) automatically routes to the best DNS server at lightning speed.

DDoS protection

Built-in security, reinforced by platform-wide security, protects all Premium DNS from level 3 to 5 DDoS attacks by default. This ensures maximum protection against Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Load balancing and failover

Provide failover and disaster recovery by rerouting traffic in the event of a network infrastructure failure. Intelligent traffic management and seamless handoffs minimise, if not eliminate, bottlenecks and downtime.

IPv6 support

Our Premium DNS services offer IPv6 compliant recursive DNS.

High performance

Premium DNS is designed for the most demanding applications and the websites that use them. It leverages the power and design of our network infrastructure to deliver the highest performance, minimising operational challenges and business risks.

Increase accessibility

Forget about downtime and performance issues - our Anycast network has multiple geographically distributed servers that reroute traffic from any PoP in the event of performance degrading issues.

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Basic DNS

Realtime Register offers a complementary DNS service for free in which the majority of DNS record types are included. Our nameservers run on Unicast DNS servers.  If you are looking for more performance, statistics and more DNS server location, take a look at the Premium DNS offering.

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Premium DNS

A highly available and performant Anycast Secondary-DNS service providing ultimate availability for your domains. Supporting DNSSEC and Vanity nameservers, in depth statistics about the usage of your zone are also provided. At the moment 2 clouds with more than 40 Anycast nodes are available to ensure stability, speed and reliability.

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        €3.00 per zone

Sectigo Anycast DNS

Global Anycast DNS featuring blazing fast resolutions, near real-time update propagation, and an enterprise security-first posture. Sectigo's Anycast DNS is known to be the fastest DNS provider in the market with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, with 200 Anycast locations and 100+ data centers that ensure global coverage!

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Premium DNS features

FeaturesBasic DNSPremium DNSSectigo Anycast DNS
DNS servers288
Anycast DNS locations-52200
Data centers-29100+
DNSPerf RankN/A133
Speed  2/5    4/5     5/5
DNS zonesUnlimited *UnlimitedUnlimited
DNS queries per monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Mail ForwardsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Firewall No Yes Yes
IPV6 support Yes Yes Yes
DDoS Protection No Yes Yes
Vanity nameservers No Yes Yes
Secondary DNS zones No Yes Yes
Statistics No Yes No
Load Balancing No Yes Yes
Partner Price per yearFREE3.00 per zoneComing soon

* Only applicable for domains managed at Realtime Register.

Sectigo Premium Anycast DNS

Ensure optimised global availability with Sectigo's global Anycast DNS platform, which delivers lightning-fast resolution and near real-time update propagation with the built-in security of Sectigo's entire edge platform.

Global anycast

Customized global network and computing hardware in each PoP can handle any DNS query or record change at lightning speed.

Global footprint

All DNS zones are pushed to Sectigo servers around the world. Web browser requests are routed to the nearest DNS server to ensure the best end user experience.

Near real - times updates

Need to change a record? No problem. Record updates are propagated globally in near real-time. Milliseconds, to be exact.

Load balancing and failover

Intelligent traffic management and seamless handoffs minimise, if not eliminate, DNS bottlenecks and downtime. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.