Quick introduction

Realtime Register B.V. is a data processor for domain name registrations in the Netherlands.

Most of our customers can be described as

  • Resellers, such as hosting companies or web design companies.
  • ICANN or ccTLD registrars, who use our "registrar as a service" platform.

Services we do not provide and therefore are not under our control are;

  • Website hosting, we do not offer it, we have no control over it.
  • Email services, we do not provide it, our customers do.
  • Have billing information about registrants, our customers do
  • Have logs and or IP addresses of registrants, our customers do

In short, we are not the internet content police, and our scope/role is somewhat limited.

For more information about ICANN and domain name registrars in relation to content, please visit.



Reporting abuse

As our role is limited within the DNS ecosystem, it is usually better and faster to contact our customers who registered a domain name on behalf of their customers/registrants.

To assist you in reporting abuse correctly we developed a tool which allows you to lookup resellers/registrars who use our platform.

This tool can be accessed here.

Just enter the domain name like; domain.com without http:// or www. and it will either return the information about our customer, or if the domain name is not registered through our platform, it will not return any info.

Reporting abuse to Realtime Register B.V.

If for any reason you need to report abuse to us directly, please use the following abuse report form;



Law Enforcement Guidelines

Realtime Register B.V. acts like a data processor concerning our customers who are usually independent data controllers. We use the data from the data controllers to register domain names as according to the data processing agreements as required by the EU GDPR.

We cannot provide registrant data without authorization from our customers as this would violate the data processing agreement required by the EU GDPR.

In such cases where you require registrant data or more, please contact our customer by using the reseller lookup tool.

In case you need to request the data from us please observe the following guidelines.

We will require a court order or subpoena. Though we operate under Dutch law, we are flexible here, and it does not have to be a Dutch court order it can be any court order from any country. We do have the right to reject any court orders from other countries but practically speaking if the court order is sound and logical we usually allow it.


The EU GDPR permits ( Art 6.1.D), registrant information disclosure to law enforcement without a warrant or court order when we believe that doing so without delay is necessary to prevent death or serious physical harm to an identifiable victim.

Information we might have available for LEA's;

  • First name last name of the registrant
  • Street address
  • Postal code
  • Country code
  • Phone number
  • Email address

We do not have any further information about registrants.

Billing records, https headers, IP addresses are not collected and or stored by us concerning registrants.

The same goes for records of session times and durations, and or registrants MAC addresses.

To contact our abuse team use the following form;


Observe the following instructions

To ensure a quick resolution and follow up, email all legal documents to us. Regular email will slow down the process significantly.

Please make your requests as specific and narrow as possible, including the following information:

  • Full details on authority making the request
  • The name and badge number of the officer making the request
  • An official email address and contact phone number
  • The domain name(s) and date range of interest
  • The description of the types of records you need

Please allow up to 5 working days for your request. Realtime Register reserves the right to make changes to any of the preceding practices at its sole discretion.

We cannot process overly broad or vague requests.


Illegal or Rogue pharmacies

Realtime Register maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal or rogue pharmacies.

We work closely together with https://legitscript and ASOP GLOBAL (https://buysaferx.pharmacy/news-release-alliance-for-safe-online-pharmacies-announces-recipients-of-its-first-internet-patient-safety-e-commerce-award/)


Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

Realtime Register employees cannot investigate the following cases due to Dutch law;

  • Child pornography
  • Child grooming activities
  • Child sex tourism
  • Child trafficking

We do however work closely with the following organizations.


Inhope operates on a global level, and we recommend you report to them first.

Inhope engages with many organizations like https://report.iwf.org.uk/en

In the case CSAM is hosted on a server located in the Netherlands we suggest to contact;


Do not send us any images or movies or URLs containing CSAM; our employees are not trained and equipped to deal with this kind of material. Again, legal wise we are not authorized to investigate.


Trademark infringement (domain names)

Realtime Register supports the protection of intellectual property. However, Realtime Register is an administrative body and does not judge or adjudicate issues of dispute. If a registered domain does go to arbitration, please send any legal documentation (court filed or filed with an ICANN recognized arbitrator).

The best course of action is to go directly to http://icann.org/udrp and follow the instructions on how to file a Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) complaint.


Copyrights and infringement of copyrights

As Realtime Register does not provide hosting services we are not in a position to remove copyright infringing material like photo's or URLs on a forum that might link to illegally distributed movies.

In such cases, we recommend you use our lookup tool and contact our customers who can further assist you regarding the above-mentioned matter.


WHOIS information, and how to request it

Due to the EU GDPR and other data protection laws, it is nearly impossible for us as a data processor to provide any parties WHOIS information (without written permission from the data controller) unless there is an emergency or if we are required to disclose WHOIS information due to a court order.

The best course of action is to contact the data controller (our customers) in such cases by using our lookup tool.

As our customers, usually hosting providers, they typically have more information than just registrant information as in most cases they will have log files and or billing or credit card data (Realtime Register does not have such data of registrants).


Response times

Please allow up to 5 working days for your request. As we prioritize the levels of abuse, we usually respond within a few hours depending on the priority.

Realtime Register reserves the right to make changes to any of the preceding practices at its sole discretion.


Contact & additional info

Realtime Register will review each request manually. If we require a subpoena or court order or something else, we will contact you.

Registrant disclosure requests are subject to a balancing test as required by the GDPR.

Realtime Register understands that DNS Abuse is never a clear-cut case, and many factors need to be considered. Feel free to contact us at abuse [at] realtimeregister.com. Or use the form mentioned earlier; https://mydomainprovider.com/contact_abuse


Abuse report processing.

Once you send an abuse report through one of the listed communication channels, the abuse reports will become available to our staff in a centralized system.

Within 24 hours, our staff will analyze the report and create a time monitored ticket if the situation requires such action.

Twenty-four hours is the usual time window to expect a response from us regarding your abuse report unless the issue is more complex.

Every report will get a response, even if it is outside our technical or legal capabilities.

Abuse reports that are easy to process have a response time between 1-8 hours.

All abuse reports send to us, and our responses are logged and stored for a minimum of five years.


To report abuse you can email us at abuse[@]realtimeregister.com


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