Key benefits

Realtime Register Insights provides all the necessary insights you need about your domain and SSL portfolio to help you grow your business and work on quality and security at the same time. While the Abuse Monitoring & Reporting dashboard and the Domain Portfolio Overview dashboard have been launched, we are working hard to get other dashboards live. (Performance & Benchmarking, Operations, and Domain Usage)

Jon Eivind Malde, CEO PRO ISP

“With our personal Insights dashboard, we have all the information we need to manage and grow our domain and SSL business, right at our fingertips. The comparison with peers in our business show us exactly where we are and what our challenges are.” 

Opportunities for your business

Insights to grow your business

  • Mitigate illegal and abusive online activity of your customers
  • Gain in depth knowledge of your domain portfolio
  • Monitor your performance and benchmark with peers and market data
  • Monitor the technical aspects of your domain, DNS, and SSL performance
  • Great view on the actual usage of the domains in your portfolio
  • Receive reports with domain based intelligence for great upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • In depth portfolio insights will help you to obtain better promo pricing and MDFs

Knowing the trends in your portfolio is the basis for future growth and success.

Realtime Register Insights® components

Realtime Register Insights is continuously being updated and improved based on your feedback and suggestions. Abuse Monitoring & Reporting, the general Portfolio Overview and Domain Usage Overview are free of charge. Performance & Benchmarking, Operations and the Insights Reports are paid services. Please contact our support experts and get a personalized offer.

Insights Abuse Monitoring & Reporting

Abuse Insights unlocks unparalleled information for you and your customers to obtain insights into what types and abuse levels are ongoing in your domain portfolio.

Insights Portfolio Overview

Portfolio Insights provides a great overview of the domains in your portfolio. Percentage share per TLD, business or private, DNSsec, number of domains per registrant, and much more.

Insights Performance & Benchmarking

See trends about your domain performance and gain deep insights about your business by comparing your portfolio with other peers in your industry and market data.

Insights Operations

This dashboard provides insights on errors we find in the DNS, DNSsec records, SSL certificates etc. So, this is more about operational, infrastructure issues that you can use to improve your customers’ experience.

Insights Domain Usage Overview

The Domain Usage Insights reports on the actual domain usage. What percentage of domains is actually being used, what percentage has an email account, website, site builder, shopping cart, SSL etcetera.

Insights Data for Sales & Marketing

Receive reports that can be used for upsell and cross sell to your existing customer base. This information will be provided per domain name to be used in your marketing efforts to increase the ARPU and grow the value of your business. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.