Key benefits

Use Realtime Register’s GDPR compliant Privacy Protect service to ensure that your customers’ privacy remains fully protected. Go from personal data published in WHOIS results, to privacy by default. Offer your customers protection against spam and unwanted emails and offerings. Please note that not all TLDs support privacy settings. A complete up-to-date list of supported TLDs can be found in the GDPR matrix.

GDPR matrix

Privacy Protect: FREE OF CHARGE!

Note: Realtime Register is committed to privacy. Therefore, our Privacy Protect service is including Privacy Proxy service and is free of charge. If our reseller is monetizing this service, our free offer does not apply. In that case, please talk to our support heroes.

Opportunities for your business

Your customers trust you with their data. By using our WHOIS privacy services, you can offer your customers privacy by default, and be fully GDPR compliant (and comply with another 100 data protection laws worldwide).

Privacy by default
Free of charge!

  • Show your customers you take their privacy seriously
  • Extensive privacy protection including Privacy Proxy service!
  • No registrant data is exposed to the public and the registry
  • Fully automated message forwarding to the registrant in case of an UDRP or another official request
  • Lower the number of support requests made by your customers, who are concerned about their data
  • Communicating clearly about the importance of your customers privacy will increase sales
  • Free of charge!

Differences in WHOIS

We offer our WHOIS Privacy Protect Services free of charge, on top of our GDPR, Redacted WHOIS Service. Further on this page, you read more about the differences between Privacy Protect and Privacy Proxy Services. To make it easier to interpret, we have added examples of a WHOIS output. Here, you can easily see all the differences between the different Privacy services and how Realtime Register is processing data.

Examples of the three different types of WHOIS output:

Industry Default / Open WHOIS:                               Redacted WHOIS:                                                         Realtime Register Privacy Protect:

  • Registrant data is publicly accessible.
  • Data is sent to the registries.
  • No information is being redacted, there is no protection for your Registrant data.
  • Not compliant with the GDPR article 44.
  • Most Registrant data is redacted.
  • Data is still sent to the registries.
  • Fields like State and Country are still visible.
  • The Organization field may still be visible.
  • The bare minimum for GDPR article 44.
  • Registrant data is not publicly accessible.
  • Registrant data is not exposed to the registries.
  • Fields like State, Country, and Organization make use of our Proxy service.
  • Fully compliant with the GDPR.

WHOIS Redacted for Privacy Service

This is the service which, in many cases, is offered by our colleague registrars. Sometimes a markup is charged, the service is mostly free of charge. With WHOIS Redacted for Privacy Service, the registrant information in the WHOIS is redacted. Witch means that regular people checking the WHOIS information, will not see the person that registered the domain name, not the address and not the phone number. Depending on the TLD, they might still see the company name, province/state and country. For GDPR, setting privacy protect would be sufficient. However, not all TLDs support privacy settings, meaning there is still a change to violate GDPR article 44. A complete up-to-date list of supported TLDs can be found in the GDPR matrix. 

Watch out! While using this service, registrant information will still be sent to the registry. As you know, in many cases these registries are located outside Europe, mostly in the USA. This means the registry has access to your information and official authorities (such as the FBI and other Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs)) can demand the registrant information from them. In other words, the privacy of the registrants is still not safe.


Privacy Protect Service (including Privacy Proxy)

With our Privacy Protect Service (including Privacy Proxy), we will NEVER send registrant information to the registries. Instead, all domain registrations will be done on a white labeled name,, with the contact details of Realtime Register. Any request from authorities will be automatically forwarded by the Realtime Register platform to the registrant. We will never share or expose any registrant information, unless we are forced to do so by the applicable law enforcement. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.