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You want to become ICANN accredited or add registry accreditations? Exclusively for our platform users, we can assist in this process. With our Accredition Service you can build on our years of experience working with registries, to speed up and simplify the process of becoming accredited yourself. We will guide you every step of way.

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You might have strategic reasons to become ICANN accredited or to add one or more registry accreditations of your own. We can help you in this complex and time-consuming process. Run your own accreditations together with all of our accreditations on one platform, through one integration.

Accreditation services and audits

  • Become ICANN accredited and join the exclusive list of ICANN members
  • Become accredited for one or more of the many gTLDs
  • Save time and money with our 20 years+ of experience
  • We take care of all the registries policies and procedures, so you can focus on your business
  • Add your own accreditations to our platform and get access to 150+ registries through 1 single connection
  • Easy management of your domains through the world’s most advanced domain API
  • Hitch a ride on the exclusive promo and MDF deals we arrange with registries
  • Great domain Business Intelligence, with our Realtime Register Domain Insights

Partner with us. Add 15 years+ experience to your own ICANN accreditation.


Becoming registry accredited is a process that differs in both length and complexity per registry. Depending on the registries involved we will set up a plan, with a timeframe and the cost involved. If this is to your satisfaction we’ll walk you through the required steps, which may include completing forms and agreements, submitting documents and meeting (technical) requirements and certifications. Our team of skilled professionals will support you every step of the way towards full accreditation.

15 years+ ICANN experience

Realtime Register is ICANN accredited since 2004. We have a lot of experience with all policies and regulations. We have added more than 100 accreditations ourselves including registry tests and audits.

Hybrid platform

With our Registry Gateway you can manage your own accreditations together with all of ours. This way, you only need one integration!

Audits and escrow service

Once your accreditations are added to the platform, we will take care of the mandatory escrow service and assist with all audits from ICANN and/or registries.

Skilled professional support

Our support heroes know all the policies, and understand all the procedures. They will guide you every step of the way and answer all your questions promptly and professionally. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.