Key benefits

Eliminate unnecessary overhead by using just one system for managing all your registry accreditations: the Registry Gateway. 
Keep using your own accreditations, in combination with our 150+ registry integrations for all TLDs, and benefit from everything the Realtime Register platform has to offer. We’ll take care of ICANN requirements such as WDRP, ERRP and Registrant Verification, so you can focus on your core business.

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Opportunities for your business

You want to have your own direct accreditations for some TLDs? It can cost you a lot of time and money to keep those accreditations up and running. Would you like to put your developers on other, more interesting or profitable projects? With the Registry Gateway you can add your own accreditations to our platform, so you can run your entire domain business through one single API connection.

Add your own registry accreditations to the domain platform

  • Use the power of our expert domain platform for your registrar business
  • 1 API connection for your own accreditations and 150+ of ours
  • Uniform registration processes (also for ccTLDs) will save you time
  • 2,000+ TLDs; Always the right domain choice for your customers
  • No need to worry about registry and ICANN integrations, policies and procedures
  • You want more direct accreditations? We can help you through our accreditation services
  • Take advantage of all other benefits our platform has to offer

Registry Gateway service also known as:

Registry Account Management (RAM) / Hosted Registrar Services / Virtual Registrar / Registrar Automation / Registrar Backend operator


Accreditations for 150+ registries and 2,000+ TLDs

Our platforms supports the widest range of TLDs available today and is being updated regularly.

Full TLD support

Our Registry Gateway has full TLD support for all TLDs, including (new) gTLDs and ccTLDs.


Run your own accreditations together with Realtime Registers accreditations. You choose which hybrid model works best for your business.


We take care of all (technical) regulations to ensure you stay compliant with ICANN and all registries (such as WDRP, ERRP and Registrant Verification), so you can focus on selling more domain names.

One platform, One API

Save time, overhead and cost by combining the benefits of using your own accreditations with the many features offered by the industry leading domain management platform.

Always up-to-date

Don’t worry about updates, maintenance windows, bugs, etcetera. We have got you covered! You can focus on your core business. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.