Contacts and TLD Metadata interface update

After extensive work, we have updated the Contacts & TLD Metadata segments to the new interface that you’ve already gotten familiar with in other segments in the Domain Manager.

Along with the more modern look, we’ve focused on several improvements for your convenience. To list some highlights:

  • Performance; the new interface is optimized for much larger volumes of contacts, so the speed with which you find what you’re looking for and finish the task at hand will be much improved.
  • History timeline; you’ll find this completely new addition extremely helpful in tracking down what happened in the past for each contact handle, when it happened, and who carried it out.
  • Filtering functionality has been made much easier to work with.
  • We’ve added a ‘bulk update brand’ option where those of you using our multiple brands per account functionality can easily update multiple contacts handles to a new/updated brand at once.