Don’t worry, update your WHMCS!

WHMCS continues to improve their services, with your business’s wellbeing in mind. Still, many WHMCS users keep working with an older version of WHMCS. This may have several reasons.

Goodbye self-built extensions?

logo-whmcsYou may have built your own extensions around WHMCS. This usually works fine, as WHMCS was designed to allow custom-built extensions and plug-ins. Some fear, however, that their cherished programming masterpieces go down the drain once they update WHMCS. Or that it at least would cause communication problems between the module and their extensions, rendering the whole combination useless. That would of course be bad for your business.

Human factors

A lot of your arguments are a very human, and therefore very understandable. Perhaps you have set the WHMCS to your personal preferences, and modeled your entire business routines around this. An update could overwrite all these preferences, and send your customers down the wrong track. You might lose all your settings.
As is becoming more and more common, people don’t have the time for it. You’re busy enough keeping up with all your customers’ requests. Besides, didn’t the older version work just fine already?

And finally, you may have simply opted not to pay for updates. Or you don’t really know how to install them. As much as you might want to, you simply wouldn’t know how to begin. Though leaving things as they are may be the most convenient way for you, it causes severe security and compatibility risks in the long run.

Improve your security

Well, here’s the good news. Updating your system could help you steer that steady course to success, while avoiding obstacles underway. As poetic as that may sound, there is a very realistic and constant threat of internet attacks on your websites. Hackers are constantly looking for new loopholes in your web application’s security net. Regularly updating your WHMCS means you get the most up-to-date protection against internet crime. You, in turn, can tell your customers about your improved security, enhancing your customer trust.

Increase your sales

By updating your WHMCS system, you also get access to the newest techniques and functionalities. This could smoothen your ordering process, resulting in a sales increase. Your customers may also appreciate the new and smoother order trajectory, resulting in a higher ordering willingness, and, not unimportantly, profit for you.

Get the newest features

logoprobeginWHMCS is constantly developing their product. Your older version may contain errors and bugs that may have slipped their attention. While you continue to cumbersomely work your way around those, others like our partner PROBEGIN may have flagged the bugs to WHMCS. They may well have been fixed in the meantime. Updating your WHMCS would make your life a lot easier. It also helps you keep up with your competition. If you keep hanging on to that outdated system of yours, your customers may well choose a different path.

So why do you keep holding yourself back? Update your WHMCS today (and don’t forget to read the instructions!)

When pigs can fly…

Ever wondered why the mascot of .CO is a piggy with wings?

.CO is more than just an ending for your URLIt all started in 2009, when the Colombian government issued a bid for the country code domain extension .CO. Juan Diego Calle, co founder, and former CEO of .CO Internet SAS, realized how hard it became to get a good short dot com domain name. Remember, it was 2009, and all the new TLDs were not even a blip on the internet radar. He had a ‘light bulb moment’ realizing that Colombia’s ccTLD could also mean “company”.

This was the base of their successful entry strategy, positioning .CO as a strong domain brand for young, challenging (internet) companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Being a “hip” alternative for a .COM domain name.

As many start-ups, the fledgling registry met a lot of skepticism. It should be around that time that the people of CO Internet SAS were often told: “dot CO as an alternative for .COM? … Yeah when pigs can fly”. The people of .CO took the challenge, worked hard, and proved all naysayers wrong. Currently, over 1.8 million .CO domain names are registered, ranking the extension at number 21 of all TLDs.

And the flying pig? It became their charming mascot, a popular giveaway at all trade shows where .CO is represented. Now in 2015 .CO celebrates its fifth anniversary, congratulations on a job well done, and keep flying high!