Don’t worry, update your WHMCS!

Posted on 29 July 2015

WHMCS continues to improve their services, with your business’s wellbeing in mind. Still, many WHMCS users keep working with an older version of WHMCS. This may have several reasons.

Goodbye self-built extensions?

logo-whmcsYou may have built your own extensions around WHMCS. This usually works fine, as WHMCS was designed to allow custom-built extensions and plug-ins. Some fear, however, that their cherished programming masterpieces go down the drain once they update WHMCS. Or that it at least would cause communication problems between the module and their extensions, rendering the whole combination useless. That would of course be bad for your business. …

When pigs can fly…

Posted on 20 July 2015

Ever wondered why the mascot of .CO is a piggy with wings?

.CO is more than just an ending for your URLIt all started in 2009, when the Colombian government issued a bid for the country code domain extension .CO. Juan Diego Calle, co founder, and former CEO of .CO Internet SAS, realized how hard it became to get a good short dot com domain name. Remember, it was 2009, and all the new TLDs were not even a blip on the internet radar. He had a ‘light bulb moment’ realizing that Colombia’s ccTLD could also mean “company”.

This was the base of their successful entry strategy, positioning …

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