Interesting News For Webhosters

VeriSign logoAccording to a Verisign press release, the Internet has grown to nearly 220 Million domain names in third quarter of 2011. This total number boils down to an accumulate growth over the first three quarters of 2010 of over 7 percent. The year-over-year growth was a 5.9 percent for new registrations of the VeriSign generic TLD’s .COM and .NET. The press release also covers the new generic TLDs and refers to the latest domain brief highlights.


Key performance indicators

The Domain name industry briefs are, in my opinion, in general interesting and keep you in the loop with the domain name industries development. Verisign reviews the state of the domain name industry through a variety of statistical and analytical research. As a provider of digital infrastructure for the Internet, VeriSign provides this briefing to highlight to industry analysts, media, and businesses important trends in domain name registration, including key performance indicators and growth opportunities. However, you must always take in account that these documents are written from VeriSign’s perspective.

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