Realtime Register is preparing to sign the new ICANN contract. This contract is also referred to as the “ICANN 2013 RAA”. This e-mail highlights the upcoming changes.

A.  Validation of registered domain name holders for gTLD’s
Realtime Register is required to validate the registered domain name holder in the following instances:

•  after domain name registration
•  before domain transfer
•  before a contact update.

This will lead to a higher accuracy level of WHOIS data and will be done through automatic verification e-mails to your customers that will be send in your name and under your brand.

B.  Brandable verification e-mails through ‘Labels’
In a next release “Labels” will be introduced as a replacement of your current public profile and an improved brandable service.

Each registrants contact handle will be connected to a particular label. This will enable you to promote your company with multiple identities. With the labels you can completely brand all e-mail communication, including ERRP e-mails.

C.  Restore and renew pricing at web site of reseller
Resulting from the RAA2013, resellers must publish renew and restore prices on their web sites. Realtime Register is responsible to check if the reseller is in compliance. Please prepare your website accordingly before May 2014.

Realtime Register will offer DNSSEC in the near future in order to be compliant with the new contract. DNSSEC is optional for you to use. Additional information about how to implement DNSSEC will follow soon.

Schedule of news about upcoming changes
Because of the changes in procedures we will inform you frequently in the coming period. We will make more information available as soon as possible.

The schedule below is an overview of the items we will inform you about.

•   Details about DNSSEC, ERRP and labels
•   Details about Restore and Renew Policy pricing for registered name holder

•   New Realtime Register contract and addenda
•   Validation of registered domain name holder
•   Details about changes of registration, transfer and update contact handle process
•   Privacy Protect requirements and policy

•   Release dates Changes
•   Details about new gTLD’s

Please note; the exact moment we will inform you about the issues mentioned above may change. Check our blog, twitter account and the Domain Manager for updates. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.