Eight new email templates and six webimage 1page templates are available in the production environment. Of course, we made sure they are easy to spot. All essential information is already in the templates.

I recommend adding extra information to your templates. For instance: you can add information in your customers’ native language or encourage them to get in touch with you if they have any questions.

The web templates are used for the confirmation forms at mydomainprovider.com. That is the branded environment in which your customers accept changes, transfers and validations. The email templates are sent in HTML format and text only. Make sure you add extra information in both parts of the templates.

image 2If you are acting as Designated Agent, the top two in the listing of the email templates (image 2) are most important. These mandatory notification emails are sent after the update of the registrant’s details. Of course, the other templates are important too.

If you are not acting as a Designated Agent, your customers are sure to come across IRTP-C-related emails and corresponding forms at some point. In this case, it’s even more important to have the templates up to your standards. Get cracking and check the new templates in your account right away.

Want to know more about IRTP-C? This blog post and this newsletter are good starting points.

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