Since its opening for the general audience in the 1990s, the internet has overturned commercial markets worldwide. Every self-respecting business now has at least one website. But how can you stand out from those other millions of names, many of whom are even in same industry, and might even have a similar name? After all, most clever, memorable, and suitable traditional extensions have already been taken.

New gTLDs are your answer. They might even become a prominent part of your marketing strategy. Their introduction could incur a new domain rush, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1990s. And you are right in the middle of it.

Improve Your Search Relevance
One of the biggest advantages of new gTLDs is their increased relevance for search engines. As the new gTLDs can be industry-specific, they are automatically more relevant in searches concerning your industry. A well-chosen domain name with a fitting extension will automatically conquer eye-catching top positions in those heavily fought-over search results.

Short and Memorable Domain Names
The new gTLDs also reduce the need for lengthy names, making your domain name not only look more relevant, but also easier to remember. Since many industry-related terms can be used as gTLD extensions, you can leave them out, giving you a much ‘cleaner’ domain name. For instance, a British web designer with an old domain name of may for instance clean up their name by registering

More specific Market Targeting
If your target market is a certain geographical location, you can now easily increase your relevance on that very location. A car salesman from Paris in France, for instance, could register (or its French equivalent). A very specific, relevant domain name for clients looking for cars in Paris. In combination with a powerful, SEO friendly website, this will seriously spike his visitor count, and his conversions. Focused on a continent with than 60% of the world’s population, we’re sure you can imagine what a .asia domain would do.

Lower Cost Per Click rates
Because a specific new gTLD extension can increase a domain’s relevance for visitors, they are also more likely to click on related ads. This leads to a higher quality score, decreasing your pays per click significantly. You can then free up a larger share of your advertising budget for other, equally important marketing fields.

Protecting Your Brand Name
Since the new gTLD world is still largely unclaimed and uncultivated, you can be the first to register the most suitable domain name for your organization. Each new gTLD has a priority period (sunrise period), in which trademark owners can register their brand names. This ensures that the right domain name goes to its rightful owner.

In short, a new gTLD name improves your search relevance, and allows you to register shorter and more memorable domain names. They also help you target your market more precisely, lower your costs per click by increasing your relevance quality score, and register the best suitable domain name for your brand.

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