How to keep your domains renewed

As your registrar, we want to help you keep your domains registered and renewed. Therefore you need to maintain a sufficient account balance. We provide several tools and options to keep you up and running.

Manage your balance
Of course you need enough balance in your account at renewal date. To do so, we provide several payment methods to make this convenient.

You may set customizable balance watermarks at several amounts in your account. When your account balance hits these watermarks, they trigger an email notification, asking you to review and replenish your balance. Set your watermarks here.

Emergency funds
Against a small fee, you can now apply for emergency funds. These allow you to have a negative account balance for a short while. We can then keep your domains live for a short time after expiration. This should give you enough room to breathe, and buy you some time to fulfill your overdue payments. Please apply for your emergency funds.

Overview upcoming renewals and deletes
Approximately 30 days before the renewal date, we send you an overview of all upcoming renewals and deletes. This should give you enough time to review which domains you wish to maintain, and which ones you want to let go.

Explicit renewal
For supported TLDs, you can force an explicit renewal via the web interface (Realtime Register Domain Manager). If you already know you have something planned around your domains’ expiration date, preventing you from fulfilling your payments manually, you may request explicit renewal for the domains, well ahead of the date. When the time comes, you can go on that well-deserved holiday worry-free, while we renew your domains as requested.

Auto Renew
The safest way to be sure all domains are renewed is to set your domains to Auto Renew. For the domains you wish to let go, you can remove the Auto Renew status. The domain will then automatically be deleted shortly before, or at the expiration date. You can manage this setting through the API, or via the Realtime Register Domain Manager.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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