So Amazon wants to add the following to their contract for .MOI

And as such things go, when a Registry operator wants to change or add a contract section, the Registrar Stakeholder Group gets to review it and is then able to post a comment. Personally, I had some issues with the above amendment due to the fact it was not clear what this authentication platform entails.

Sure such authentication platforms are not new. Like when you apply for a .BANK domain name you have to go through a vetting process, as only registered banks can order a domain name for that .TLD. Common sense in my opinion.

So the amendment was not clear to begin and as such a few Registrars came up with the following joined comment. As being one of the people on the drafting team it will come not as a surprise that Realtime Register fully supports this comment.

The Registrars appreciate the opportunity to file a comment.

Innovation is no strange concept amongst the registrars and is often a competing element. As such, the Registrars welcomes the innovational efforts displayed by Amazon Registry Services, Inc. (“Amazon”). Likewise, we acknowledge the vertically-integrated nature of someTLDs,
and the competitive environment surrounding value added tools & services. This is now a function of our industry, and if properly managed, can enhance the choices available to
Regarding the proposed amendment for .MOI, the Registrars observed and identified the following, click here to continue reading.

Another take on this amendment can be read here and is from Kieren McCarthy called :”Amazon attempts rule fudge to take exclusive control of new dot-words”. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.