DNS.be, the organization who operate the Belgium ccTLD .be, offers a new service for the holder of a .be domain. The registrant of a .be domain can request a certificate in pdf format with the details of the individual or organization who is registered as the holder of the .be domain in question.

The purpose of this certificate is to verify that the domain has been registered with correct details and that the domain can be used for certain business transactions, such as applying for a digital certificate.

The below message will be send by DNS.be after the request.

Dear registrant,

You have requested the WHOIS registration details certificate for the domain name realtimeregister.be from our website.

Attached please find the pdf document with the currently valid WHOIS registration details for this domain name.

You will find more information about this topic at our website DNS Be.

Yours sincerely,
DNS.be Team

The certificate can be requested when you visit the website of dns.be and do a whois query on your domain. Scroll to bottom of the page and click on YES  at Request WHOIS registration detail certificate. The certificate will be send to the e-mail address associated with the holder of the domain.


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