This is a follow-up on last February´s newsletter about the impact of earlier announced ICANN requirements

Preparations for ICANN RAA2013

A. DNSSEC available
In the Realtime Register Domain Manager DNSSEC options are available for supported TLDs. You might want to test this feature In the Realtime Register (OT&E) environment first. Please note; at this time we support customer maintained name servers only.

B.  Validation of registrants for gTLD’s
The new ICANN policy requires the registered domain name holder (registrant) to validate its details like e-mail address etcetera in order to increase WHOIS accuracy.

Realtime Register will provide a fully brandable environment for this process later on this year.

This is an advance notification to prepare for your communication towards your customers.

Validation for generic domains is triggered on following events:
•  after domain name registration
•  before domain transfer
•  before a contact update.

Consequently the flows of registration and updates will change. Below are the new flows.

Domain name registration flows

Transfer flows

Update of contacts

C. Privacy Protect
Realtime Register will soon offer Privacy Protect services in compliance with the ICANN RAA 2013. Customers having signed the Privacy Protect addendum will be able to offer easy and worry free privacy protect services.

The new contracts, addendums and pricing will be made available soon.

Realtime Register Privacy Protect is a great service to offer to your customers an excellent up-sell opportunity. End user prices are commonly up to $6 annually, per domain. Privacy protect as a paid service is a perfect way to boost your profits.

More news about upcoming changes
Soon you will hear more about:
•   Privacy Protect policy details
•   New Realtime Register contract and addenda
•   Release dates of the changes
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