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profitable growth

Securing profitable growth for our partners is always on top of the agenda at Realtime Register. Keeping track of the latest developments in the domain business is an important part of this objective. Curious which topics are keeping us busy this month? Check out the latest news below.

Registrar Gateway

One platform for your own accreditations

There is nothing so constant as change itself – a true fact in the domain name registration business. Each TLD has its own set of requirements and compliance rules change on a regular basis. This forces registrars to constantly adjust their domain management system.

Now picture a situation where your developers wouldn’t have to spend hours of their valuable time figuring out how to incorporate the ever-changing list of new rules and regulations. And, instead of having to work with multiple domain registration systems, you could use one complete platform for… well, everything!

registrar gateway

The Registrar Gateway does exactly that and more. One platform for managing all of your accreditations, one platform that takes care of ICANN requirements such as WDRP, ERRP and Registrant Verification, one platform for realtime domain name registries… The Registrar Gateway is an all-in-one solution for all your reselling needs.

Sounds interesting?
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Boost your domain name business

At Realtime Register, we are working hard to become a “one stop domain shop” for every TLD out there. Did you know that we’ve added over a 100 new TLDs since April?

For instance, .ROCKS is ideal for attracting musicians looking for a brand that will literally help them stand out from the crowd. Or how about using .SOCIAL as a conversation starter – ideal for hosting forums, viral campaigns, and other social groups. In a world where breaking news and events are part of everyday life, .LIVE is great for attracting people who want to share the moment on the World Wide Web. Looking for the perfect multinational domain name? The possibilities of .GLOBAL are endless!

.vlaanderen and .brussels
We recently added two special geographical TLDs: .vlaanderen and .brussels. These new generic TLDs are great for increasing add-on sales, especially for our resellers in Belgium. The same rules apply to these TLDs as to all other generics. Contact your customers from Belgium and offer these extensions. A great cross-sell opportunity!

New Country Code TLDs
Check out the overview below for several new ccTLDs – ideal for connecting with customers in specific locations.
Country: TLD(s):
Portugal .pt
Mexico .mx
Singapore .sg
Norway .no
Slovakia .sk
South Africa
Ireland .ie
Hungary .hu
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As a domain expert, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the technological and legal developments that are driving this industry. That’s why Realtime Register has attended the ICANN GGD Summit last week.

This summit had a different setup compared to regular ICANN meetings. The main difference was that this summit primarily focused on engaging contracted parties, i.e. registrars and registries and of course ICANN. This allowed the attendees to deal with topics that normally aren’t on the agenda, such as: the next round of gTLDs, Universal Acceptance and Awareness of TLDs, and the Healthy Domains Initiative.

Check out our latest blog for some background information regarding some of the sessions that were on the menu. We’ll post a review of the summit shortly.
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