Domains over to the new interface

It is finally time to release the last updated section of our portal. This consists of the biggest and most complex component of the interface, the domains section, together with an updated menu and completely rebuilt search functionality.We will briefly touch upon several improvements and later, in our upcoming newsletter, we will go more in-depth on the full range of improvements. Many of these will save you a lot of time and altogether allow for much more intuitive use compared to the old interface.

  • Menu – The menu is now more logical and user-friendly allowing you to navigate through the portal easier.
  • Search – Our search function has been rebuilt, making it much faster and more powerful, even allowing you to use the search instead of the normal menus. Also new is support for short-codes, such as ‘domain’. or ‘certificate’ You can trigger the search anywhere by just pressing the key. Please find further details in our Knowledge Base for info on a lot of options.
  • Order process – We’ve merged register & transfer into one order flow, we detect the action type and handle the request accordingly. Additionally, the order process is made more intuitive.
  • Contact properties – In the previous interface, additional contact properties could only be added through the contacts page. Now you can add contact properties during the order process on the fly when required.
  • Filters – You can filter content faster and in a much simpler manner, with a wider variety of filters.
  • Bulk tools – We completely revamped bulk tooling, all bulk jobs found throughout the portal are now bundled in one interface. Additionally a handy overview to keep track of all different bulk jobs is provided.
  • Domain information – More information for each domain is available, and it’s displayed in an intuitive manner. The detail page now also provides info about each domain’s lifecycle and its history, and has a quick access link to view the metadata (information/rules) for the particular TLD.
  • Processes – We have introduced a new page for all processes related to your account, with the option to see more detailed information. This will give you further insight into any processes that are pending such as contact or domain updates.
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