.SE & .NU removing forms requirement on transfers and registrant changes.

Last year in the new Registry-Registrar agreement the Swedish registry has made “everyday life easier” by lifting the required transfer form that needed to be filled in when transferring a domain / changing a registrant.

Due to this from February 3rd onward no more manual work is needed with a .SE/NU transfer and every change will have a digital timestamp. The implications and changes in behavior compared to the current situation that you may be used to are:

  •  Domain update with registrant change is not charged anymore.
  • No more registrant change form/mail.
  • External & internal transfers will no longer keep the registrant-as-is when a registrant change takes place during transfer, which may impact those of you using the current behavior.
  • Our generic registrant validation process will take place (and no longer be skipped) for transfers and registrant changes.

New SSL interface live!

We’re happy to announce that as of right now our entire new SSL portfolio is available through the Domain Manager. Aside from the Sectigo certificates we already offered, our new SSL portfolio also includes the offerings of certificate authorities Thawte, Digicert, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, and GlobalSign.

Integrating our SSL 2.0 offering into the Domain Manager was based not just on extending our offering, but also on valuable feedback from our partners. Changes were made based on 4 main aspects:

  • Functionality – All SSL related functionality offered.
  • Information – Correct, easily readable and up-to-date info on your existing certs or new requests.
  • Aesthetics – Unique looking interface, modern, easy to use and professional.
  • Usability – The paths and functionality offered allows users to complete tasks more quickly and accurately.

Our new SSL interface is also a sneak preview at the complete overhaul we have planned for our Domain Manager. Functionality and logic found in the SSL interface will later also be available in other places in the Domain Manager, all aimed at giving you an even better experience.

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