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3ff89c39-65db-4552-bd4f-0907cda615ebBesides receiving 200 new signups, one of our highlights was hosting the first ever Realtime Register night.TALK. A panel of leading registries discussed the future of e5e66f25-89b7-4f49-a4ab-5fbd59cd00a4 (1)gTLDs. You may find a video of the event here.

If you missed us at the, we’d love to meet you at the more personal WHD.local in Amsterdam, on 3 September 2015.


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Coming soon: New gTLDs

Throughout 2015 we will be unrolling new gTLDs, on top of those 400+ gTLDs we’re already offering. These are attractive extensions for ambitious customers, as they focus on specific markets. Check in with us regularly to see which would best suit you.

TLD Date UTC Time Target Market
.design 12 May 2015 14:00 Design, Art and Development
.bingo 20 May 2015 16:00 Bingo, games in general
.chat 20 May 2015 16:00 On and off line chatting and conversation in general
.style 20 May 2015 16:00 Fashion, style, luxury
.tennis 20 May 2015 16:00 Relates to all things tennis

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Upcoming release 2.1.3

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Next week Realtime Register will release version 2.1.3 of the Realtime Register registration platform to the production environment. The actual date and time is not available yet, however will be announced shortly in advance by e-mail. The release will cause just a short interruption of services.

This release is already deployed to the OT&E environment. Besides some minor bug fixes, release 2.1.3 contains the following:

  • Improved user authentication
  • .DK dkhostmaster
  • .BE dnsBE
  • Trademark Clearing House
  • API X-Process-ID
  • API Input sanitation
  • DNS templates

Improved user authentication

We added two ways to improve your accounts security; IP White listing and Access control. You can define the IP addresses and the kind of interfaces that are allowed for each individual user of the system. You can set for each user the authentications in the Domain Manager at Account details => Users => the selected user => update.

 IP White listing
Five entries are allowed for white listing an individual user. You can define the CIDR ranges with a minimum of /24.

Access control
Supports the Web interface, API (rest, epp, http) and IsProxy.

.DK dkhostmaster

The .DK TLD conditions were aligned to the registries policies. The mandatory contact validation has been added for .DK registrations. Unlike the other TLD’s that require contact validation, the registration is only performed after the validation is completed.

We used the same branded validation mechanism as the generic and other TLD’s. Also it is possible to pre-validate a contact for a future .DK registration.

.BE dnsBE

It is now possible to keep name servers and dnssec with transfers.

Trademark Clearing House

The new gTLD’s require a TradeMark Clearing House (TMCH) check for 90 days after the new gTLD has entered General Availability (GA). If a trademark registration applies for the domain name, the intended registrant is required to acknowledge that he is familiar with the existing trademark. Now Realtime Register handles this completely automatically. If a trademark confirmation is triggered, a branded email is sent to the intended registrant with a link to an online form. On the form, the intended registrant is given the option to acknowledge the claim and proceed with registration or decline from registration.

The domain name will only be registered upon acknowledgement of the trademark. Where applicable we have combined the registrant contact validation and the TMCH acknowledgement.

You can add additional information at both the TMCH forms and emails by updating the templates like the other email and web templates. You will find the templates at Account details => Branding

The templates you can update are called:

  • API X-Process-ID

In the REST interface; if a request initiates a process, the response header will now contain the process ID. This will make it easier for you to keep track of the progress of processes through the API.

API Input sanitation

White spaces at the start and end of the input of all text fields will now be removed.

DNS templates

Localhost records will not be created automatically anymore; existing records are moved from the default records to the adjustable records.

SPF records are deprecated; these are no longer accepted by the Domain Manager. Existing records need to be adjusted or removed. In a next release, the remaining SPF records will be removed. If this applies to you, the Realtime Register support team will notify you. The email forwarding service will use the Sender Rewriting Scheme.

„New TLDs, survival of the fittest?“

night.TALK at 2015 hosted by Realtime Register; an entertaining discussion

Many thanks to the panel members for sharing their insights about the viability of the new extensions:
Crystal Peterson @clynnpete, Director of Neustar
Neha Naik @neha_naik, Director Channel Partnerships Radix
Vern Jurovich @jurovich, Chief Operating Officer Uniregistry
Daniel Federer @SIDN, Key Account Manager SIDN
Ulrich Retzlaff @uliretzlaff, Director of Channel Management PIR