Besides the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Registration it is also necessary for you to acknowledge this Acceptable Use Policy.

Policy regarding Spam / UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email)

  1. Realtime Register does not send UCE ("spam"). When you receive email which you consider as "spam", this surely won't have it's source at Realtime Register . Being mentioned as "sponsoring Registrar" in the whois output does only mean that the domain in question has been registered through Realtime Register . Operational services such as mailservice are usually provided by an Internet Service Provider, which has to be referred to in the nameservice entries. Realtime Register does not support the behaviour of persons or entities sending mail to others without having any kind of contact before. Not liking something does not mean that we have the right to police it. Realtime Register will support your effort to stop somebody to spam, but will not make own judgements about the case. We are not taking the chance to "hurt" one innocent under 100 fraudulent registrants. Your can contact Realtime Register when the sending email address is using a domain registered with Realtime Register and;
    • The postal address of the owner of the domain is invalid; or
    • The owner of the domain does not prevent that UCE is being sent.
    Realtime Register will act accordingly to these Terms and Conditions as soon we get written proof of at least one of both cases. Please ask a legal advisor or lawyer what should be considered 'written proof'. We kindly ask you to send all your material (including e-mail headers) through our spam-report form.
  2. Customers are not allowed to send spam to every random internet user and/or to make unasked posting in bulletins in large numbers of newsgroups on the Internet through the network of Realtime Register.
  3. It has been prohibited for customers, to use insufficiently protected mail servers, linked to the network of Realtime Register.
  4. Bulk e-mail is permitted if it used the so-called verified OPT-IN regulation. Mailings where a database for has been used in which the recipient has not authorised the sender (the customer), are treated as spam and Realtime Register will treat this at the reception of complaints as such.
  5. After it has been determined if the complaint is indeed UBE or bulk UCE, the customer gets an official warning: FTO ("First Time Offender"). If there is no response within 24 hours, in which is stated that there have been taken sufficient measures to prevent spam, Realtime Register preserve the right to disconnect the domain name (by changing nameserver information, DNS records or other measures).
  6. If there are complaints concerning a customer who is state is already FTO, Realtime Register will without notification in advance disconnect the domain name for a period of minimum 48 hours. The customer is informed that the status of STO ("Second Time Offender") has been acquired. Realtime Register has the right to definitively raise all services to the customer, without some right to cost reduction for the still current subscription period.
  7. If for the third time complaints about a customers are received (TTO, "Third Time Offenders"), a raise of service is always irrevocable without some right to cost reduction for the still current subscription period.
  8. Realtime Register has the right to block communication with of other networks in order to prevent spam. It is possible that this can lead to a temporary outburst of connection with other networks. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.