Besides the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Registration it is also necessary for you to acknowledge this Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP).

  1. Prior to expiration, Realtime Register will notify the registered name holder of the expiration at least two times. The first time approximately one month prior to expiration (26-35 days prior to expiration is considered compliant) and a final time approximately one week prior to expiration (4-10 days prior to expiration is considered compliant).
  2. Post expiration Realtime Register will send a notification 24 hours after the expiration of the domain name. After 48 hours of expiration, Realtime Register will interrupt ALL services as required by ICANN consensus policy.
  3. Realtime Register will display a branded reseller web page that the domain name is expired and contains renewal instructions.
  4. All e-mail and communications on paper send to the registered domain name holder will be stored for 3 years for auditing purposes. Expiry notifications and or logs of the notifications to the registered domain name holder for at least 3 years.
  5. You must permit the registered name holder to redeem a deleted registration during the redemption grace period if a redemption grace period is offered by the respective registry.
  6. You must make the renewal fees reasonably available to registered name holders and prospectively registered name holders at the time of registration of a gTLD (at a minimum, these fees must be included on your website and a link to these fees must be included in your registration agreements). Restore fees have to be reasonable.
  7. The above is a summary of the ERRP terms. The entire ERRP can be viewed here:
  8. For gTLDs that are subject to ICANN's Redemption Grace Period, Realtime Register B.V. charges a 250 USD restore fee. tracks users anonymously using Google Analytics cookies. Please view our Privacy Statement for more information.