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Domain lookup and whois-information

Status page

Catch the latest updates on our systems, services and external providers.

Domain lookup

See which company registered a domain for its customers.


A WHOIS database of domains for which Realtime Register is the maintaining registrar.

Setting up your account

Brand information

Use multiple brands for an account and define for each contact which brand is to be used.

DNS management documentation

Use our templating system to manage the DNS settings for domains. (Rev. 2.0)

Permissions and user-role management documentation

Manage permissions for all users within your organization. (Rev. 2.0)

Notifications documentation

Manage notifications about your account, domain actions, balance developments and more. (Rev. 2.0)

WDRP and FOA reference documentation

The WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) requires domain name registrants to review contact information associated with their domains and make corrections when necessary. FOA stands for Form of Authorization. (Rev. 2.0)

Technical interface references

REST based API

Our REST based API documentation is available in the Realtime Register Domain Manager.

Third party panel integration

Additional information about third party panel integrations. (Rev 2.0)

EPP API documentation

The EPP implementation has been discontinued. Please use our REST based API.

IsProxy implementation in PHP

IsProxy available to check the availability of a domain name before initiating the registration.

IsProxy PHP example

An example IsProxy in PHP implementation.

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