WISECP is next generation hosting and digital solutions automation. It includes a client area, admin area and a website interface. It has been developed for companies operating in the field of information technologies. With WISECP, all invoicing transactions, accounting (cash, income, expense) records, client management, product management, support services and many other operations can be carried out easily.

WISECP has an internal website interface integrated with the system. So, you don't have to be looking for a website theme or draft. Thanks to its creative, professional and user-friendly web interface, your visitors easily navigate your website and create a positive impression in the eyes of your visitors.

How to use Realtime Register with WISECP

WISECP is deployed with Realtime Register integration. In the WISECP settings you can setup your Realtime Register account details, to be able to connect to your account for realtime domain name registrations.

Module features

Domain Name Registration & Transfer

Easily register new domain names or transfer existing ones to your account.

Domain Name Renewal

Seamlessly renew your domain names to keep them active and avoid expiration.

Auto Update Extension Costs

Automatically update extension costs based on the latest pricing information.

Name Server Management

Manage and configure the name servers associated with your domain names for optimal performance.

Whois Protection

Protect your personal information by enabling Whois protection, which hides your contact details from public Whois databases.

Updating Whois Information

Keep your domain's contact information up-to-date through easy editing options.

Outgoing Transfer Support

Facilitate outgoing transfers of domain names to other registrars with comprehensive support.

Bulk Domain Import From Service Provider

Import multiple domain names from your service provider in bulk, saving time and effort.

Bulk Extension Import from Service Provider

Import extensions for multiple domain names from your service provider efficiently in bulk.

Domain Name Promotion Management

Manage promotional offers and discounts for domain names to attract customers and drive sales effectively.

Register domains at cost price


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