About HostBill

HostBill is self-funded, privately owned company based in Poland. We helped over 2000 companies around the globe from various industries build their brands on top of stable billing, automation, support and client management solution HostBill provides.

HostBill was build based on few key goals, which were strictly checked during process of its development, and we pledge to keep them up during future improvements.

HostBill Modules

Domains Module

For HostBill there is an Domains Registrar Module

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SSL Module

For HostBill there is an SSL certificate module

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HostBill Modules for Realtime Register

HostBill offers a Domain Registrar module and an SSL certificate module for Realtime Register. The Domain Registrar module has ADAC Domain Suggestions™ integrated providing domain suggestions. To accommodate all the modules HostBill also supplies tools for importing, synchronizing domain names and SSL certificates. Importing prices for both module is also supported to easily set up your products instead of configuring a product one by one. More information & documentation about the modules: Domain Registrar Module & SSL certificates

Connecting HostBill with Realtime Register

  1. In HostBill go to Settings > Modules, find and activate Realtime Register module
  2. You will be taken to Settings > Apps to set connection with Realtime Register
  3. Enter your usernameand passworduse Test Connection to check if HostBill can connect
  4. Save Changes

Creating your first domain package

  1. In HostBill go to Settings > Products & Services, and Add new order page
  2. From Order Types select Domains
  3. After creating order page add new product, once in it, provide a name
  4. In product configuration section proceed to Registrar Settings, select Realtime Register module as Third party app.
  5. Save changes, your package is ready
  6. Some TLDs will need aditional information provided by clients, in that case HostBill will notify you by highlightingForms section.

Domains module features


Automated domain registration. When enabled, domain module connects registrar API to register new domain name ordered by client.

Manage contacts

Update domain registration contacts. Customers can manage contact details related to domains they have registered with you.

Domain renewal

Automated domain renewals. Renew function gives the ability to renew the domain name by customer-purchased period when domain is about to expire

Registrar lock

Your customer will have ability to enable/disable registrar lock from client portal, preventing unauthorised domain transfers.


Realtime Register <-> HostBill synchronization. Domain synchronization allows your staff members to update HostBill domain records with registry details, ie. to make sure that domain renewal/expiration dates are in sync.

Price Sync & Import

Import your prices for 2000+ TLDs directly into HostBill without a hassle. This feature comes with a lot of configurations options so that you can easily define your retail prices.

Lookup Engine

HostBill integrated ADAC as a lookup engine within HostBill. By adding ADAC to HostBill not only do you have now a fast look-up provider but also the possibility to provide domain name suggestions.

Premium domains

Support for premium domain names is integrated and premium prices are dynamically returned after doing a premium domain name lookup. To prevent selling premium domains at regular fees, there is a billable acknowledgment needed to ensure the transaction.

ADAC supported in HostBill

ADAC Domain Suggestions™

SSL module features

Certificate Status

Whether you have a DV, OV, or EV certificate you will always be up-to-date by receiving updates for your SSL certificate.

SSL management

Within the client interface, you have the option to select, resend the approval email. The possibility to renew your SSL certificate(s) and see detailed information.

SSL renewal

Automated SSL certificate renewals. Renew function gives the ability to renew an SSL certificate when the SSL certificate is about to expire

Manage Billing

Manage the billing cycle for SSL certificates whether you want to sell to it monthly, quarterly or yearly cycle.


Realtime Register <-> HostBill synchronization. Certificate synchronization allows your customers to sync their certificates when an re-issue has taken place

Price Sync & Import

Import your SSL certificate prices directly into HostBill without a hassle. This feature comes with a lot of configurations options so that you can easily define your retail prices.

Import Domains

Import domains from your Realtime Register account into your HostBill instance. Domain attributes like expiry date and status will be copied automatically. The importer will match up domain registrant data with existing clients, or create new clients if no match is found.


Configure what items and when synchronization needs to take place. Which domain name statuses need to be synced, which domain names do you want to sync and how often a synchronization needs to take place.


Pricing import

Import prices and set retail prices with a breeze. HostBill offers the option to import prices for TLDs and configure your retail prices by choosing a default margin type; fixed or percentage-based margin. Also, you can opt to have different margins for each type of action, whether it may be registration, renewal, or transfer. Always keep in sync with Realtime Register by enable auto-update, which enables a cron job to ensure that all prices stay in sync. With the fill missing TLDs Hostbill will automatically add missing TLDs if Realtime Register is offering new TLDs.

Register domains at cost price


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