Special deals for special domains

Using our purchase power and good relations with the registries we always offer all our resellers great deals. But sometimes we get exclusive offers, even better deals that come with special requirements. For instance these exclusive deals can require you to promote a TLD on your website, or demand you sell a certain number of domains to participate. If you meet these requirements Realtime Register makes sure you get exclusive benefits, such as extra competitive prices or marketing funds.

Current special promotions


$ 21.38 /yr.
$ 3.99 /yr.


$ 34.99 /yr.
$ 4.00 /yr.


$ 32.63 /yr.
$ 4.99 /yr.


$75.38 /yr.
$ 1.99 /yr.


$ 28.99 /yr.
$ 3.00 /yr.


$ 45.99 /yr.
$ 5.00 /yr.


$ 15.99 /yr.
$ 3.00 /yr.


$ 22.49 /yr.
$ 2.00 /yr.


$ 21.99 /yr.
$ 2.00 /yr.

Sign up for even better deals

To gain access to our special promotions you need to sign up for or have an active account first. Next, simply contact our sales or support staff through chat or email.

We will get in touch to discuss the options and explain the requirements you will have to meet to gain access to the special promotion pricing.

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