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The best platform for domain management, SSL certificates, web security and licenses

Everything in one place, through one API and one expert point of contact. Our platform, based on over 20 years of experience, is built for efficiency, speed and ease of use. We developed it for thousands of partners who handle large-scale domain portfolios and rely on an advanced and robust system. Our platform also allows seamless management of add-on products such as SSL certificates, domain security and web security products, and Plesk licenses. It saves you time, money and makes your business so much more effective. That’s a guarantee!

Wholesale domains

2000+ TLDs on 1 platform.
Many extras, amazing support and the best pricing available!

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Registry Gateway

Add your own accreditations.
Manage all domains via one API. Outsource domain development.

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Platform licensing

Leverage our platform to power your business. Fully ICANN compliant and for all TLDs.

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Add-on products

SSL certificates, domain security, web security, Plesk licenses and more ...

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Register domains at cost price


All platform features

The Realtime Register platform is known for
its high quality, efficiency, reliability and
comprehensive features.

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Worldclass partnerships to power your business

We partnered with industry's best suppliers for domains, SSL certificates, online security and licenses. In many cases our partnership goes back into the last century. Our main goal is to provide a one-stop-shop experience for our resellers, with the best pricing and conditions.

Amazing tools and services for more security, higher efficiency and better returns

Tools and services to relax, grow and manage your business

Support that puts a smile on your face

Call, email or chat with our experts. We make sure that you always get the answer you need. Need a quick reply? Expect an answer within one business day. Want to connect your developers with our developers? We got you covered. Need compliance advice? We got the expert. Anything to put that smile on your face.

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