ScamAdviser helps us fight malicious fake web shops

Posted on 4 October 2022

Recently we added the ScamAdviser feed to our DNS Abuse Monitoring system. Based on the input and experience from our customers, I thought it would be helpful to cover a few items.
ScamAdviser is a reputation-based feed that differs from the Google Safety Browsing feed. If Google marks a domain name as malicious, it is no longer accessible as many browsers will now warn internet users not to visit the website.


ScamAdviser will inform you if the reputation of the domain name is poor. Of course, a lousy score depends on many factors, and ScamAdviser uses plenty. But a poor …

Realtime Register joins the Global Cyber Alliance

Posted on 5 January 2021

Last month, Realtime Register partnered with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to expand the Realtime Register Insights Domain Abuse Platform capabilities.

At Realtime Register, we have been collecting abuse/intelligence feeds like Pokémon this year. By adding the GCA Domain Trust Feed we are now up to 72 feeds. The information gathered we make available to our resellers, providing them with deep insight into how criminals are using their services. 


However, the Domain Trust Feed is not just a feed; it is much more.

Let’s get technical

 The GCA uses the Quad9 feed. Quad9 protects users from accessing known malicious websites, …

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