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profitable growth

Securing profitable growth for our partners is always on top of the agenda at Realtime Register. Keeping track of the latest developments in the domain business is an important part of this objective. Curious which topics are keeping us busy this month? Check out the latest news below.

Registrar Gateway

One platform for your own accreditations

There is nothing so constant as change itself – a true fact in the domain name registration business. Each TLD has its own set of requirements and compliance rules change on a regular basis. This forces registrars to constantly adjust their domain management system.

Now picture a situation where your developers wouldn’t have to spend hours of their valuable time figuring out how to incorporate the ever-changing list of new rules and regulations. And, instead of having to work with multiple domain registration systems, you could use one complete platform for… well, everything!

registrar gateway

The Registrar Gateway does exactly that and more. One platform for managing all of your accreditations, one platform that takes care of ICANN requirements such as WDRP, ERRP and Registrant Verification, one platform for realtime domain name registries… The Registrar Gateway is an all-in-one solution for all your reselling needs.

Sounds interesting?
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Boost your domain name business

At Realtime Register, we are working hard to become a “one stop domain shop” for every TLD out there. Did you know that we’ve added over a 100 new TLDs since April?

For instance, .ROCKS is ideal for attracting musicians looking for a brand that will literally help them stand out from the crowd. Or how about using .SOCIAL as a conversation starter – ideal for hosting forums, viral campaigns, and other social groups. In a world where breaking news and events are part of everyday life, .LIVE is great for attracting people who want to share the moment on the World Wide Web. Looking for the perfect multinational domain name? The possibilities of .GLOBAL are endless!

.vlaanderen and .brussels
We recently added two special geographical TLDs: .vlaanderen and .brussels. These new generic TLDs are great for increasing add-on sales, especially for our resellers in Belgium. The same rules apply to these TLDs as to all other generics. Contact your customers from Belgium and offer these extensions. A great cross-sell opportunity!

New Country Code TLDs
Check out the overview below for several new ccTLDs – ideal for connecting with customers in specific locations.
Country: TLD(s):
Portugal .pt
Mexico .mx
Singapore .sg
Norway .no
Slovakia .sk
South Africa
Ireland .ie
Hungary .hu
Get in on the action! Find your next TLD and start reselling within minutes.
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As a domain expert, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the technological and legal developments that are driving this industry. That’s why Realtime Register has attended the ICANN GGD Summit last week.

This summit had a different setup compared to regular ICANN meetings. The main difference was that this summit primarily focused on engaging contracted parties, i.e. registrars and registries and of course ICANN. This allowed the attendees to deal with topics that normally aren’t on the agenda, such as: the next round of gTLDs, Universal Acceptance and Awareness of TLDs, and the Healthy Domains Initiative.

Check out our latest blog for some background information regarding some of the sessions that were on the menu. We’ll post a review of the summit shortly.
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This newsletter was sent Wednesday, April 26, 2016


At Realtime Register we constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways for adding even more value to your domain business. Innovation is an integral part of this objective. Curious which new improvements we’re currently working on? Check out the latest news below.

Domain Transfer Service

Transferring large amounts of domains manually can be quite a hassle. And with the updated Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP-C) approaching, this process will be bound to even more rules and technical requirements. Instead of devoting all of your time figuring out which rules do and do not apply to your domain portfolio, why not let us handle all of these complex transfer details?

We’re working hard to complete our Domain Transfer Service and combining it with an interesting volume discount (Transfer in Program). This means the more domains you transfer to Realtime Register, the more you save! Stay tuned for more information or contact us.

Grow your TLD portfolio 

Create new sales opportunities with our brand-new selection of TLDs!  The overview below shows the General Availability dates of several new TLDs.

Please note that these times and dates are subject to change. Check out the Realtime Register blog for the latest version of our TLD calendar.

TLD GA Date UTC Time Purpose
.mom 2016-05-03 18:00 For the most important person in your life
.ist 2016-05-10 18:01 Short for Istanbul
.istanbul 2016-05-10 18:01 Turkey’s Center of Commerce
.vip 2016-05-17 18:00 Convey exclusivity, ideal for special promotions
.game 2016-05-24 16:00 Ideal for attracting gamers everywhere
.promo 2016-05-23 18:00 For all promotional activities

View complete TLD calendar

Realtime Register WHMCS module

WHMCS is a well-known solution for online billing, support and automation software that bridges the gap between your customer and your hosting infrastructure. Integrating WHMCS with Realtime Register for domain name registration and management is easy with the free Realtime Register module.

Key features include:

  • Automatic domain renewal options for all extensions, including ccTLDs.
  • Faster & unlimited domain availability check (instead of regular WHMCS lookup)
  • Smart handle management. The module automatically synchronizes your customer data with Realtime Register and the WHOIS.
  • Generic validation process. Registrants only have to validate once to remain validated for all TLDs.
  • Additional synchronization options: domain status, expiry date, and due date. These options can be activated and managed individually.
  • IDN support.

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This newsletter was sent Friday, May 29, 2015

Your success is our success
Congratulations! You’re on the winning team! Realtime Register has entered the top 50 of ICANN registrars. Quite a feat, considering there are over 1,000 others worldwide. This opens a world of possibilities for you, including interesting discounts. For example, check out our new Domain Growth Program.

Exclusive Entry into Russia

russian-office-realtime-registerIt took us quite some patience, but we are now officially .RU accredited! This means we are one of only 31 registrars in the world with exclusive access to nearly 146 million Russian internet users! We have already set up shop in Moscow, and offer Russian language support, very competitive pricing, and an easy transfer and registering process. If you wish to access the exclusive Russian market, Realtime Register is your gateway.

gTLDs currently on the rise

 wave of 50 new gTLDs As July approaches, another wave of 50 new gTLDs will be rolling your way. Take for instance the new .club extension. Very interesting for beach club owners, but also for sports associations. Navigate to the Realtime Register blog and get ready to jump in.

Your brand information in the .nl whois

Your brand information in the .nl whoisFrom June 10, your reseller company name and address will be listed in the .nl whois for new registrations. In the near future, all .nl whois entries will be updated with this information. This will enhance your company’s online presence. You can choose to opt out completely, but only for compelling reasons. Send us your opt-out application by email before June 5. Please check your brand information, and visit this blog post to read more.

How to keep your domains renewed

  • To help you keep your domains registered and renewed, we provide a series of tools to assist you.
  • We offer several different payment options, to help you have enough balance in your account at the renewal date.
  • You can set balance watermarks. When your account balance hits these, they trigger an email asking you to review your balance.
  • We now offer emergency funds, against a small fee. This allows you to have a negative balance for a short while. Please apply for your emergency funds.
  • You get an overview of upcoming renewals, approximately 30 days ahead of the renewal date.
  • Explicit Renewal lets you pre-order your renewals for supported TLDs.
  • Auto Renew is your safest option, renewing all domains, except the ones you wish to let go, and stop worrying.

Please read our related blog post for more information


This newsletter was sent Tue, Apr 28, 2015

3ff89c39-65db-4552-bd4f-0907cda615ebBesides receiving 200 new signups, one of our highlights was hosting the first ever Realtime Register night.TALK. A panel of leading registries discussed the future of e5e66f25-89b7-4f49-a4ab-5fbd59cd00a4 (1)gTLDs. You may find a video of the event here.

If you missed us at the, we’d love to meet you at the more personal WHD.local in Amsterdam, on 3 September 2015.


Start saving with our Domain Growth Program

Do you want to register .com domains at an amazing USD 5.99 and .org at USD 4.99? If you want a healthy domain portfolio, now is a good time to enroll in our Domain Growth Program. Throughout 2015, you can earn considerable savings by expanding your .com and .org portfolio. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Register .nl quarterly, monthly, and annually

Realtime Register now allows monthly, quarterly, and annual registrations for your .nl domains. Please note: for first registrations (creates), only quarterly or annual registration is supported. Directly after registration, you can reset the preferred renewal interval per domain, including monthly renewals. Please contact our support team if you wish to reset the intervals for your entire .nl portfolio.

Coming soon: New gTLDs

Throughout 2015 we will be unrolling new gTLDs, on top of those 400+ gTLDs we’re already offering. These are attractive extensions for ambitious customers, as they focus on specific markets. Check in with us regularly to see which would best suit you.

TLD Date UTC Time Target Market
.design 12 May 2015 14:00 Design, Art and Development
.bingo 20 May 2015 16:00 Bingo, games in general
.chat 20 May 2015 16:00 On and off line chatting and conversation in general
.style 20 May 2015 16:00 Fashion, style, luxury
.tennis 20 May 2015 16:00 Relates to all things tennis

Precious promo prices

Registered customers have acres to these spectacular, reduced prices.

*) Realtime Register Domain Growth Program
This special program grants you a fixed rebate over your net growth above last year’s baseline. You need to apply and be accepted for this program. Ask your Realtime Register Account Manager for your terms and conditions. Realtime Register helps you grow your business!

Get ready for Realtime Register 2.1

September 10th the new Realtime Register 2.1 system has been released to the OT&E environment. Realtime Register 2.1 ensures compliance with the RAA 2013. We are planning to release version 2.1 to the production environment on Monday September 22th.

We have compiled an extensive Reseller Preparations Guide ICANN RAA 2013 for planning and reference. Make sure to download the Guide, get started with the required actions and forward the information to the appropriate staff members in your organization.

Things you need to take care of:

  1. Check your technical integration
  2. Check your handle management
  3. Check the postal code formats used
  4. Set up your branding
  5. Put your policies on your web sites.

New Realtime Register features:

  • Support for multiple brands
  • Fully editable HTML templates
  • Privacy Protect service
  • Branded registrant validation
  • New REST based API.

Testing environment
Login to the Realtime Register 2.1 OT&E environment at If you don’t have a testing account; please Realtime Register support.

New generic TLD’s
Shortly after the release on September 22th the first new gTLD’s will be available at Realtime Register. We will keep you informed.