New gTLDS: Changing the Online Landscape?

Since its opening for the general audience in the 1990s, the internet has overturned commercial markets worldwide. Every self-respecting business now has at least one website. But how can you stand out from those other millions of names, many of whom are even in same industry, and might even have a similar name? After all, most clever, memorable, and suitable traditional extensions have already been taken.

New gTLDs are your answer. They might even become a prominent part of your marketing strategy. Their introduction could incur a new domain rush, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1990s. And you are right in the middle of it.

Improve Your Search Relevance
One of the biggest advantages of new gTLDs is their increased relevance for search engines. As the new gTLDs can be industry-specific, they are automatically more relevant in searches concerning your industry. A well-chosen domain name with a fitting extension will automatically conquer eye-catching top positions in those heavily fought-over search results.

Short and Memorable Domain Names
The new gTLDs also reduce the need for lengthy names, making your domain name not only look more relevant, but also easier to remember. Since many industry-related terms can be used as gTLD extensions, you can leave them out, giving you a much ‘cleaner’ domain name. For instance, a British web designer with an old domain name of may for instance clean up their name by registering

More specific Market Targeting
If your target market is a certain geographical location, you can now easily increase your relevance on that very location. A car salesman from Paris in France, for instance, could register (or its French equivalent). A very specific, relevant domain name for clients looking for cars in Paris. In combination with a powerful, SEO friendly website, this will seriously spike his visitor count, and his conversions. Focused on a continent with than 60% of the world’s population, we’re sure you can imagine what a .asia domain would do.

Lower Cost Per Click rates
Because a specific new gTLD extension can increase a domain’s relevance for visitors, they are also more likely to click on related ads. This leads to a higher quality score, decreasing your pays per click significantly. You can then free up a larger share of your advertising budget for other, equally important marketing fields.

Protecting Your Brand Name
Since the new gTLD world is still largely unclaimed and uncultivated, you can be the first to register the most suitable domain name for your organization. Each new gTLD has a priority period (sunrise period), in which trademark owners can register their brand names. This ensures that the right domain name goes to its rightful owner.

In short, a new gTLD name improves your search relevance, and allows you to register shorter and more memorable domain names. They also help you target your market more precisely, lower your costs per click by increasing your relevance quality score, and register the best suitable domain name for your brand.

Check out our domains page, to see which domains would best suit you.

„New TLDs, survival of the fittest?“

night.TALK at 2015 hosted by Realtime Register; an entertaining discussion

Many thanks to the panel members for sharing their insights about the viability of the new extensions:
Crystal Peterson @clynnpete, Director of Neustar
Neha Naik @neha_naik, Director Channel Partnerships Radix
Vern Jurovich @jurovich, Chief Operating Officer Uniregistry
Daniel Federer @SIDN, Key Account Manager SIDN
Ulrich Retzlaff @uliretzlaff, Director of Channel Management PIR

Get ready for Realtime Register 2.1

September 10th the new Realtime Register 2.1 system has been released to the OT&E environment. Realtime Register 2.1 ensures compliance with the RAA 2013. We are planning to release version 2.1 to the production environment on Monday September 22th.

We have compiled an extensive Reseller Preparations Guide ICANN RAA 2013 for planning and reference. Make sure to download the Guide, get started with the required actions and forward the information to the appropriate staff members in your organization.

Things you need to take care of:

  1. Check your technical integration
  2. Check your handle management
  3. Check the postal code formats used
  4. Set up your branding
  5. Put your policies on your web sites.

New Realtime Register features:

  • Support for multiple brands
  • Fully editable HTML templates
  • Privacy Protect service
  • Branded registrant validation
  • New REST based API.

Testing environment
Login to the Realtime Register 2.1 OT&E environment at If you don’t have a testing account; please Realtime Register support.

New generic TLD’s
Shortly after the release on September 22th the first new gTLD’s will be available at Realtime Register. We will keep you informed.

News about the ICANN RAA 2013 #3

Realtime Register has made good progress with the preparations for the new ICANN RAA 2013. Below is a summary of important issues to consider. Please note the information sent earlier and available on our blog is still valid. We expect the new contract to be effective at the end of this quarter.

Update registrant information in time
Verification for updates of the registrant is demanded under the new contract. For contacts that are not up to date, we strongly advise you to update these before the ICANN RAA 2013 is effective. Please do so to avoid additional verifications.

Privacy protect
The ICANN RAA 2013 has effect on Privacy Protect (PP) registration of generic domains. Realtime Register has built a low cost system that deals with all requirements. There are two options: reseller supplied data and Realtime Register supplied data.

Realtime Register supplied PP data

  • Easy to set up
  • Small fee per PP registration
  • Redirects complaints or other communication to registrant by Realtime Register
  • No risks, 100% compliant registration

Reseller supplied PP data

  • Pre-acceptance audit by Realtime Register
  • Overall fee for acceptance by Realtime Register
  • Reseller is responsible to provide contact mechanism accepted by Realtime Register
  • Reseller is responsible for executing and compliancy
  • Annual audit reseller by Realtime Register

Testing environment
In the coming weeks we will make a testing environment available for our resellers to become familiar with the new branding options and other web interface changes coming from the ICANN RAA 2013. Please keep an eye out for the announcement.

Data retention waiver
While we are preparing for the roll-out of the new software, we are waiting for the data retention waiver from ICANN. As a registrar established in the Netherlands we are subjected to Dutch law. Some demands in the ICANN RAA 2013 are in conflict with the Dutch legislation about data retention. We expect to receive this waiver in a number of weeks.

Updated general terms and conditions
In the weeks to come we will present you an updated form with the new general terms and conditions which are in line with the ICANN 2013 requirements.

New generics
We are working hard to make the new generics available immediate after the ICANN RAA 2013 is effective. We will inform you as soon as more information is available.

Please check this blog, twitter account and the Domain Manager for updates and the effects the new contract will have on your account.

Changes in policy gTLD´s continued

This is a follow-up on last February´s newsletter about the impact of earlier announced ICANN requirements

Preparations for ICANN RAA2013

A. DNSSEC available
In the Realtime Register Domain Manager DNSSEC options are available for supported TLDs. You might want to test this feature In the Realtime Register (OT&E) environment first. Please note; at this time we support customer maintained name servers only.

B.  Validation of registrants for gTLD’s
The new ICANN policy requires the registered domain name holder (registrant) to validate its details like e-mail address etcetera in order to increase WHOIS accuracy.

Realtime Register will provide a fully brandable environment for this process later on this year.

This is an advance notification to prepare for your communication towards your customers.

Validation for generic domains is triggered on following events:
•  after domain name registration
•  before domain transfer
•  before a contact update.

Consequently the flows of registration and updates will change. Below are the new flows.

Domain name registration flows

Transfer flows

Update of contacts

C. Privacy Protect
Realtime Register will soon offer Privacy Protect services in compliance with the ICANN RAA 2013. Customers having signed the Privacy Protect addendum will be able to offer easy and worry free privacy protect services.

The new contracts, addendums and pricing will be made available soon.

Realtime Register Privacy Protect is a great service to offer to your customers an excellent up-sell opportunity. End user prices are commonly up to $6 annually, per domain. Privacy protect as a paid service is a perfect way to boost your profits.

More news about upcoming changes
Soon you will hear more about:
•   Privacy Protect policy details
•   New Realtime Register contract and addenda
•   Release dates of the changes
•   Details about new gTLD’s