Adding Multi Factor Authentication support

In addition to the recent introduction of adding API keys, now we are adding Multi-Factor Authentication support. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction.

Multifactor authentication combines two or more independent credentials: what the user knows (password), what the user has (security token) and what the user is (biometric verification).

We will support the following methods for MFA:

  • Webauthn (FIDO2) supporting Touch or Pin and Touch sensor like Yubikey with secure elements, Software authenticators and also Biometric authentication like Finger, Face, Iris/ Voice recognition.
  • TOTP (Google authenticator)

We offer multiple methods to add an additional layer of security for your account. Read more how to add MFA to your account via our Knowledgebase: How to enable MFA on your account.

Introducing API keys

We are pleased to introduce API keys as a new authentication method for the Realtime Register API and IsProxy. By using API keys you don’t need to store any account passwords in your applications anymore. Users with the required permission can manage their own API keys in the renewed profile/account section in the Domain Manager.

To manage API keys you need the permissions MANAGE_API_KEY. If you have tweaked your permission setup you might need to assign this permission to the users that require API access.

Multiple API keys can be created per user so you can assign each application their own key.
For more information the following resources are available:

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New SSL interface live!

We’re happy to announce that as of right now our entire new SSL portfolio is available through the Domain Manager. Aside from the Sectigo certificates we already offered, our new SSL portfolio also includes the offerings of certificate authorities Thawte, Digicert, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, and GlobalSign.

Integrating our SSL 2.0 offering into the Domain Manager was based not just on extending our offering, but also on valuable feedback from our partners. Changes were made based on 4 main aspects:

  • Functionality – All SSL related functionality offered.
  • Information – Correct, easily readable and up-to-date info on your existing certs or new requests.
  • Aesthetics – Unique looking interface, modern, easy to use and professional.
  • Usability – The paths and functionality offered allows users to complete tasks more quickly and accurately.

Our new SSL interface is also a sneak preview at the complete overhaul we have planned for our Domain Manager. Functionality and logic found in the SSL interface will later also be available in other places in the Domain Manager, all aimed at giving you an even better experience.

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