Over 30 ccTLDs added and more to come

At Realtime Register, we aim to empower our partners’ businesses by providing an extensive collection of TLDs to choose from. That’s why we’re excited to introduce more than 30 new ccTLDs!  Give your customers the opportunity to get their share of one of the fastest emerging markets worldwide by adding the Brazilian extension .com.br to your TLD portfolio! And did you know that .io is still one of the hottest domain name extensions for startups and tech companies? New business opportunities await! You’ll find an overview of your prices of in your Domain Manager.

.ac Ascension Island
.ae United Arab Emirates
.al Albania
.al second level Albania
.ar second level Argentina
.as American Samoa
.bd second level Bangladesh
.bg Bulgaria
.br second level Brazil
.ci Cote d’Ivoire
.cl Chile
.cr Costa Rica
.cr second level Costa Rica
.cu Cuba
.cu second level Cuba
.do Dominican Republic
.do second level Dominican Republic
.ec Ecuador
.ec second level Ecuador
.fi Finland
.gg Guernsey
.gr Greece
.gr second level Greece
.gs South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands
.hm Heard en McDonaldeilanden
.id second level Indonesia
.il second level Israel
.io British Indian Ocean Territory
.is Iceland
.je Jersey
.ke second level Kenya
.kr Korea, Republic Of
.kr second level Korea, Republic Of
.kz Kazakhstan
.kz second level Kazakhstan
.lu Luxembourg
.ma Morocco
.ma second level Morocco
.mt second level Malta
.my Malaysia
.my second level Malaysia
.ng Nigeria
.ng second level Nigeria
.ni Nicaragua
.ni second level Nicaragua
.pe Peru
.pe second level Peru
.ph second level Philippines
.ph Philippines
.sd Sudan
.sr Suriname
.tr second level Turkey
.ua Ukraine
.ua second level Ukraine
.vn second level Viet Nam
.vn Viet Nam

.ME reaches one million milestone!

Last Thursday, March 31, the .ME registry informed us they passed the one million milestone. Congratulations from all of us at Realtime Register! To celebrate this success with the  .ME registry we have a great offer for .me, until June 30 2016 new registrations are only 6,99 EUR!

Read more about the background of  .ME in this infographic.

Some background information about .me


When pigs can fly…

Ever wondered why the mascot of .CO is a piggy with wings?

.CO is more than just an ending for your URLIt all started in 2009, when the Colombian government issued a bid for the country code domain extension .CO. Juan Diego Calle, co founder, and former CEO of .CO Internet SAS, realized how hard it became to get a good short dot com domain name. Remember, it was 2009, and all the new TLDs were not even a blip on the internet radar. He had a ‘light bulb moment’ realizing that Colombia’s ccTLD could also mean “company”.

This was the base of their successful entry strategy, positioning .CO as a strong domain brand for young, challenging (internet) companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Being a “hip” alternative for a .COM domain name.

As many start-ups, the fledgling registry met a lot of skepticism. It should be around that time that the people of CO Internet SAS were often told: “dot CO as an alternative for .COM? … Yeah when pigs can fly”. The people of .CO took the challenge, worked hard, and proved all naysayers wrong. Currently, over 1.8 million .CO domain names are registered, ranking the extension at number 21 of all TLDs.

And the flying pig? It became their charming mascot, a popular giveaway at all trade shows where .CO is represented. Now in 2015 .CO celebrates its fifth anniversary, congratulations on a job well done, and keep flying high!


Your brand information in .nl whois

From June 10, your reseller company name and address will be listed in the .nl whois for new registrations. In the near future, all existing .nl registrations will be updated with this information. This will improve your company’s visibility. You may choose to opt out completely, but only for compelling reasons. Please send us your opt-out application by email before June 5.

Brand information
Realtime Register is accredited  SIDN registrarYou can use multiple brands for your account, and define per contact which brand should be listed. Perhaps now is a good time to check and update your brand information in the Domain Manager. Besides the onscreen help text, we have an extensive branding manual available for you .

If you have any questions about brand information in the .nl whois, please contact the support team.


Your Gateway into Russia

A map of countries where Russian is widely spoken.
Countries where Russian is widely spoken. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the ninth most populous country in the world, and its vast, unequalled landmass has boggled minds for centuries. Russia has always been a force to be reckoned with, and offers an interesting entrepreneurial potential. Yet only a handful of registrars worldwide has access to over 146 million potential Russian internet users. Therefore, we are quite proud to announce that we now meet all the requirements, and may call ourselves your official .RU registrar!

This limitedness is hardly surprising, considering the .RU registry’s strict demands. If you want to access the Russian market, there are quite a few hurdles to overcome.

Firstly, to name some, you must have a fixed and certified Russian address. The past years, we have been to great lengths to set up shop in a beautiful residence overlooking the magnificent city of Moscow. As the .RU bureau is not very commercially inclined, we have had to put in quite some negotiation time and efforts. The premise in turn must meet specific requirements, all under strict and lengthy scrutiny of the Russian officials.

Secondly, you must be able to offer Russian language support. As this poses quite a challenge for the average registrar, we have had to adapt our website, recruit a full Russian team of service desk employees, and train them in to our rules of conduct. But we managed!

It would be too much to describe all the requirements in great detail. What matters most for you, is that we now meet them. And you can take full advantage:

1. Exclusive access to a market of more than 146 million customers.
2. Easy domain registering and transferring process; no administrative bother.
3. Professional Russian language support.
4. An office and staff in the economic heart of the country.
5. Very competitive pricing!

If you had been waiting for an opportunity, now is your time to grab it with both hands.