Nope, this post is not about WHY they should blog, plenty of blog posts about that floatingaround. Forr example this blog, Dechay Watts has sprouted an impressive number of 19 reasons.  One of my favorites is number 9, It can be fun.


Back on topic “3 reasons why your customers should have their blog on a .blog”

1. You can choose a fresh new domain name for you blog

You might have had to compromise when you choose your companies domain name or you want to pick a snazzy name for your blog. With a current number of well over 100k, you can call the number of  .blog registrations still modest. The good news is, there are still quite some great names to register to pick up. For example… oops… taken. Anyway, you surely get the drift.

2. Your blog will be easier to maintain

If your blog has its own .blog  you can maintain it more easily, no more dependencies of a tech department. Once your preferred blog CMS software is installed and everything has been set up, you’re good to go. Just write and publish to your heart’s desire.

3.  A .blog linking to your company website gets you SEO brownie points

Backlinks are, next to content, King when it comes to SEO value. With your own .blog you can create valuable backlinks to your company’s website. This will certainly drive your SEO ratings up. And that is exactly what you want, don’t you? More potential customers visiting your website.

So, if you if you still haven’t got a blog, create one. For the reason WHY I refer you to blog posts dedicated to that particular topic. If you already a blog, make sure your next blog post is about “X reasons why you should put your blog on a .blog

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