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Your success is our success
Congratulations! You’re on the winning team! Realtime Register has entered the top 50 of ICANN registrars. Quite a feat, considering there are over 1,000 others worldwide. This opens a world of possibilities for you, including interesting discounts. For example, check out our new Domain Growth Program.

Exclusive Entry into Russia

russian-office-realtime-registerIt took us quite some patience, but we are now officially .RU accredited! This means we are one of only 31 registrars in the world with exclusive access to nearly 146 million Russian internet users! We have already set up shop in Moscow, and offer Russian language support, very competitive pricing, and an easy transfer and registering process. If you wish to access the exclusive Russian market, Realtime Register is your gateway.

gTLDs currently on the rise

 wave of 50 new gTLDs As July approaches, another wave of 50 new gTLDs will be rolling your way. Take for instance the new .club extension. Very interesting for beach club owners, but also for sports associations. Navigate to the Realtime Register blog and get ready to jump in.

Your brand information in the .nl whois

Your brand information in the .nl whoisFrom June 10, your reseller company name and address will be listed in the .nl whois for new registrations. In the near future, all .nl whois entries will be updated with this information. This will enhance your company’s online presence. You can choose to opt out completely, but only for compelling reasons. Send us your opt-out application by email before June 5. Please check your brand information, and visit this blog post to read more.

How to keep your domains renewed

  • To help you keep your domains registered and renewed, we provide a series of tools to assist you.
  • We offer several different payment options, to help you have enough balance in your account at the renewal date.
  • You can set balance watermarks. When your account balance hits these, they trigger an email asking you to review your balance.
  • We now offer emergency funds, against a small fee. This allows you to have a negative balance for a short while. Please apply for your emergency funds.
  • You get an overview of upcoming renewals, approximately 30 days ahead of the renewal date.
  • Explicit Renewal lets you pre-order your renewals for supported TLDs.
  • Auto Renew is your safest option, renewing all domains, except the ones you wish to let go, and stop worrying.

Please read our related blog post for more information